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Even if you mostly pay attention to the songs throughout the series, The Backyardigans does have a lot of Heartwarming moments.

  • Two moments during the framing scene for "The Heart of the Jungle":
    • Tyrone is pretending to be Tarzan, then Pablo comes out into the yard and decides that he wants to be Tarzan too. Tyrone doesn't mind this and is all too happy to share the role. Then Austin enters the backyard, sees what his friends are doing, and declares that he wants to be Tarzan, too... and Tyrone and Pablo don't have an issue with it and let him join in. The three boys are perfectly content with sharing the role, and they go along with Austin's take on it.
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    • When Uniqua comes out to the backyard, Austin asks if she's pretending to be Tarzan, too. Then he, Pablo, and Tyrone seem a bit let down when Uniqua reveals that she's actually pretending to be a jungle explorer instead. It demonstrates that none of the boys are assuming that Uniqua can't pretend to be Tarzan just because she's a girl and wouldn't have minded or cared if she did want to be Tarzan, which is overall pretty sweet.
  • Uniqua playing Soccer with "Soccer Monster" Pablo in "Monster Detectives", despite Tyrone's objections and knowing fully well that she will turn into one herself. But she knew Pablo was lonely, and decided that she'd rather give up her free will if it means making someone else happy. Likewise, the transformation did happen, much to Tyrone's horror, though the only noticeable change other than her sudden love of soccer is just getting a torn shirt that still makes her look cute.
    • The events cause Tyrone to enter a Heroic BSoD, since his current case to take back a stolen ball has failed due to its owner pulling a Face–Heel Turn. No matter; he still has a job to do, and orders Pablo to give Uniqua back her ball. Pablo does... and they continue to play as if nothing happened. Then, Tyrone asks if he can play as well. They allow him, sing about it, and then Tyrone kicks a goal... and becomes a Soccer Monster himself.
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    • A smaller one earlier in the episode is Pablo offering Uniqua a tissue after hearing her sneeze despite them being foes at the time. This shows that he is just a Misunderstood Loner with a Heart of Gold who is a tad obsessed with soccer, and he only steals balls in the hopes of making friends with the owners.
  • "Race Around The World":
    • Despite Austin really wanting to win the gold medal and him being in last place for the majority of the race, he still helps out Uniqua, Pablo, and Tyrone when they get into trouble. He could've easily passed them by and used it as an opportunity to win, but instead, Austin shows sportsmanship to his competitors by helping them be able to continue the race.
      • This is especially noticeable during the desert portion; Austin feels bad about ending up last once again (even singing an entire song about it) and is hoping that there's some lucky break that can somehow help him win. He soon finds the other racers dehydrated and sitting underneath a cactus because they didn't bring a water bottle. Austin immediately shares his water bottle with them. He could have taken that opportunity to walk past them and win, but he doesn't.
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    • There's also the fact when Austin wins the race and his first gold medal the other racers cheer his victory alongside him. In fact, it's clear from the beginning that while all the racers do want to win the race, they're ultimately racing just so they can have fun during it.
  • "Castaways": Austin is too shy to go up to Uniqua, Tyrone, and Pablo, so he secretly helps get them the things they need to survive on the desert island specifically because he wants to be helpful. When the others finally find Austin, they take time to praise and thank him for his help. It probably went a long way in building their relationship with him.
  • In "Scared Of You", Austin thinks Tasha had forgotten his birthday. When he gets back from his mission to retrieve the monsters (Tyrone, Uniqua, and Pablo), he discovers that Tasha had actually set up a surprise birthday party for him. The fantasy concludes with all of them having a monster dance party.
  • When Tyrone and Tasha are doing a photo shoot in "The Yeti", oneof the pictures is of Tyrone hugging Tasha's arm. Aww.
  • "The Secret of Snow" probably has more heart than all the other episodes of preschool shows put together. The basic story is this: Uniqua wants it to snow in the backyard and decides to travel to the ice factory in the north pole to learn the secret of snow. Tasha, the owner of the ice factory, doesn't like interruptions and sends Uniqua to the desert when she arrives at the factory, where Uniqua meets Pablo, a cowboy who also wants to see snow. The two new friends come back to the ice factory and are sent to the jungle, where they meet Tyrone, a Tarzan-like character who also wants to see snow. When the three arrive back at the ice factory, Tasha's assistant, Austin, secretly lets them in, but they are caught by Tasha, who forces the four to make ice very quickly. This results in the ice machine breaking down and Tasha being covered in ice. When the other four save Tasha, Uniqua asks her if she knows the secret of snow, and Tasha says she doesn't. Uniqua thinks that this has rendered her journey useless, but Pablo, Tyrone, and Austin remind her of the friends she has made, and the five of them realize that friendship is more important than the weather. And then, as an added bonus, it starts snowing without anyone doing anything, and they all rush out of their fantasy to the backyard to start playing in the snow. Tell us a story with more heart...we'll wait.
  • In "Pablor and the Acorns", Pablo plays a villain who wants to Take Over the World, like he did in "Race to the Tower of Power" and "Cops and Robots". However, in "Tower", he pulls a Heel–Face Turn for his own convenience, and in "Cops", his Morality Dial was switched from "evil" to "good". However, "Acorns" has what might be the show's most realistic example of Character Development. Tyrone, Tasha, and Austin help Pablo on his quest to find the Crystal of Power, and he befriends them along the way. At the end when he has finally reached the crystal, his archrival Uniqua is about to take it, but the other three are about to fall off a cliff and Pablo saves them. When Uniqua asks him why he did that, Pablo replaces his helmet with a beret and explains through song that he would rather help his friends than rule the universe. Uniqua is happy that she can rule the universe, but then she decides to befriend the others too.
  • No matter who the heroes or villains are in their daily adventures, when it's all over and it's snacktime, all five kids are the best of friends.

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