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Headscratchers / Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny

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  • Has anybody found any information on just who or what the hell this "Ice Cream Bunny" character is? The movie seems to imply that, at the very least, someone in the audience would recognize him, but they never say just why. Was he a character at Pirates World? Was he meant to be in other movies? Why isn't Google giving me any answers?!
    • I don't know, but I assume he was a mascot for Pirates' World (perhaps he sold ice cream there?), and they put him in the film to try to promote the park. I can't find any evidence to support the idea, though.
    • Maybe it was originally the Easter Bunny but they couldn't because of copyrights?
    • E. B. is another Public Domain Character. You could shoot a movie about him if you felt like it.
      • Eh, this film is so cheap, they probably couldn't afford more than one free character.
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    • So in other words, this Ice Cream Bunny might very well be the same kind of entity as Slenderman?
      • ... Sure. Why not.
    • They probably wanted something they could copyright. The logic has to have been on the lines of "Kids like ice cream, kids like bunnies, so we'll make our mascot the Ice Cream Bunny". Hey, better that than bunny ice cream.
    • Probably, the directors saw one bunny selling Ice Cream and thought "that must be well known by Americans". They were quite wrong.
    • He shows up briefly in one of the "Santa's Village of Madness" shorts included in "Christmas with Rifftrax" (along with some of Santa's supporting cast from the Mexican Santa Claus movie plus Puss in Boots for some reason). His presence is never explained there either.
  • Why does the Ice Cream Bunny have a firetruck anyway? Indeed, given how cheap the movie is, how did they afford to rent a firetruck for the movie in the first place?


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