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Headscratchers / Odd Taxi

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  • So if Odokawa is actually under a delusion that makes him think everyone around him is animal then does that mean he somehow forgot that he himself is a human and not a walrus? Especially since the memory he flashes back to early on has humans in it, so assuming he was one of the people in that memory he would have to remember that he is a human, right?
    • Explained in the finale. Odokawa internalized the "transformation" because interacting with animals was much easier for him and his life turned for the better ever since he "became" a walrus.
  • How did Shirakawa know where Odokawa would be when she saved him from Yamamoto?
  • How did Sakura know that Yuki would be going to meet Rui the night when she killed her, if Rui did everything she could to keep the meeting a secret?
    • perhaps Sakura may heard Rui’s secret when Rui didn’t notice Sakura?
  • How'd Tanaka manage to never get arrested for anything?
    • Is there any public proof that Tanaka committed any crimes? He wore a mask during the club shooting, and the only person he directly harmed was Dobu, who doesn't know Tanaka's name and doesn't seem like the type to tattle to the police.