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Nightmare Fuel / Odd Taxi

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Warning! As a Moments page, all entries will be Spoilers Off!

  • The end of "Tanaka's Revolution" when he recognizes Odokawa's taxi, which caused him to lose his rare drop. Everything goes silent before his face twists into an utterly grotesque grin. And he's got a gun on him.
  • Hell, everything about Tanaka is terrifying, from the fact that he is going out of his way to murder someone over a game, and that isn't to talk about that utterly creepy music that plays when he appears.
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  • The way Dobu very calmly talks about murdering Odokawa and his friends is very unsettling.
  • Once it comes to light, the whole circumstances surrounding the death of the missing girl, the real Yuki, are very disturbing. Not only is it not immediately clear how she died, but the whole process of covering up her demise, including mutilating her body which the audience gets to hear a little bit of, is unnerving to say the least.
  • Dobu getting shot in episode 12. He takes a round to the side, and Only a Flesh Wound is nary in sight; instead viewers spend a few minutes watching him writhe on the ground, trying to hold his wound closed while blood gushes out of him. Worse, he desperately begs Odokawa to take him to a back-alley doctor, only for the latter to tell him he deserved what he got, and that someone "probably" will have called for help anyways, before driving away, leaving him to bleed out for who knows how long until medics arrive, if they even do at all.
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  • The reveal at the end that it was Sakura who murdered Yuki, coupled with the shot of Sakura strangling Yuki to death. And then at the very end of the final episode, she gets into Odokawa's taxi, knowing he's the one who drove her over to murder Yuki that night...
  • The revelation that everyone was human all along makes the gruesome events even more gut-wrenching in retrospect. When we saw everyone as animals, it was easy enough to distance your minds from the disturbing things happening on screen. When you stop and think about how murder, mutilation, and bratty influencers using their clout to sleep with fans are happening to real people instead of cartoon animals, suddenly this series becomes all the more unsettling. There's also the implication that Odokawa might have thought he was keeping a human girl in his closet this entire time.
    • This leaves us wondering whether or not Odokawa is even alive afterwards, considering Sakura gets into his taxi at the end...