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    Fridge Brilliance 
  • Odokawa’s vision of everyone as animals symbolised their souls and meanings.
    • Odokawa is depicted as a walrus. Walruses are the most intelligent and social animal in a group of intelligent and social animals (pinnipeds) and while they mainly chill out and eat molluscs they can be very dangerous when provoked.
    • Yuki and Sakura are both depicted as black cats, which is associated with misfortune and death.
    • Gouriki is depicted as a gorilla, which is known for nobility and intelligence.
    • Shirakawa is depicted as a alpaca, which symbolizes a person who follow their heart & carries the world on their shoulders. Alpacas will kick when threatened.
    • Nagashima is depicted as a giraffe because he sticks his neck into things he shouldn’t.
    • Kuroda is depicted as a tapir because he’s part black (yakuza - evil) and part white (donates to charity - good).
    • Yano is depicted as a porcupine. While a porcupine is feared by other animals it is ultimately reactive. Yano is dangerous but he takes advantage of opportunities rather than creating them. This is what makes it so easy for Dobu to outplay and predict him..
    • The Daimon brothers are depicted as Meerkats. While from the outside a group of meerkats seem united 1/5 meerkats are killed by their own species. Same with the Daimons they seem united but ultimately work against each other.