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  • Accidental Aesop: Be careful about using social media even if it doesn't include private information or else anyone in the world can cause you harm in real life, as Imai unfortunately learns.
  • Awesome Art: The anime isn't exactly bad to look at, but the manga has some truly nice art that helps bring everything to life. Characters in the manga are significantly more expressive and emotive, which all helps to set the right tone. Especially noticeable in Odokawa, who in the anime is pretty stoic and neutral looking almost all of the time, but in the manga can actually look noticeably angry, disturbed, exhausted, panicked, or completely defeated thanks to all the extra details.
  • Awesome Music:
    • The OP song of the same name by Skirt and PUNPEE (who is also one of the show's composers), giving its hip hop beat.
    • The songs by in-universe idol group, Mystery Kiss, aren't half bad either. These include Supernatural Love Phenomenon, Namimani KISS, and the ending theme Sugarless Kiss.
    • This image song for Yano.
  • Captain Obvious Reveal: Generally only for people who read the manga, which makes it obvious right away in chapter ONE that Odokawa is a human by showing his human reflection in a window in a way that's impossible to miss. Could also apply to the cat in Odokawa's closet, as a pair of highly visible cat eyes can be seen in Odokawa's closet in a very early chapter as well (which, if nothing else, at least spoils that there isn't nothing in his closet).
  • Cult Classic: The anime ended up getting massive acclaim, but only from the few people who watched it. It is currently one of the least-watched animes to have broken into the top 50 animes of MyAnimeList (It's ranked 26th in the watched list of the season it was released but has the highest-ranking among them). After the anime ended, multiple YouTubers, including popular reviewers, made videos praising it as a hidden gem and a candidate for best of the year.
  • Draco in Leather Pants:
    • Sekiguchi is definitely a horrible person in the show itself, especially since he's abusive & aggressive even towards his own associate Yamamoto, but even so, many fans and especially shippers either ignore this in favor of depicting him as simply grumpy, or don't mind it since Evil Is Cool.
    • Tanaka is similarly popular despite being a homicidal maniac, though he does at least have his status as The Woobie to vouch for him being viewed in a sympathetic light.
  • Epileptic Trees:
    • Fans have run wild with the theories about what happened to the Narima girl and how is Odokawa involved in the disappearance. Theories include that Odokawa interacting with a cat in the OP is symbolic of him having some relation to the missing girl, presented as a cat.
    • Another popular theory is that the characters aren't really animals, but that whatever Odokawa's vague mental condition is, it makes him see the people around him as animals, so the entire anime is being presented Through the Eyes of Madness. It's confirmed at the end to very much be the case.
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  • Foe Yay Shipping: Yamamoto/Sekiguchi, mostly because the two character caught the eye of the Bara fans, despite the fact that they don't really like each other in the story, Sekiguchi is annoyed at Yamamoto insistence on making Mystery Kiss work as a business venture, while Yamamoto is terrified of Sekiguchi's brutality that is easily aimed at him as well.
  • Friendly Fandoms: With Durarara!!, another story of an Ensemble Cast set in a big Japanese city with crime elements in which multiple plotlines interwove around a central mystery.
  • Heartwarming Moments: At the end of episode 11, Goriki asks Odokawa's old doctor for his diary from his hospitalization after the accident that killed his parents. When declined, Goriki insists to give it to him not because he's Odokawa's doctor, but because he is his friend. That was thoughtful of him.
  • LGBT Fanbase: This show caught the eye of bara fans, mainly due to the hefty-sized characters, especially with Odokawa, Yamamoto, Sekiguchi, and Goriki.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Shigeru Kuroda is a Yakuza lieutenant who oversees most of the illegal activities within Tokyo. Using criminals Dobu and Yano as his primary enforcers, Kuroda leisurely spends most of his time giving them orders while Kuroda avoids getting his own hands dirty to dispel police suspicion. He also donates millions of yen to a charity organization funding orphans to look good in the public eye. One of these orphans would grow up to repay Kuroda by becoming a Dirty Cop on his payroll, while another repaid Kuroda with 100 million yen for supporting him in his childhood. After Kuroda finds out that his boss's missing daughter was murdered and Yano helped dispose of the body, Kuroda decides to safely retire from his life of crime while his loyal subordinates take the fall for most of the crimes he ordered.
  • Memetic Mutation: Among the fans on 4chan, the pose of Kakihana raising his glass in episode 5 has caught on as a frequent subject for image edits.
  • Moe: Imai is generally agreed to be this due to his adorable character design and cheerful personality.
  • Popular with Furries: Not that it should come off as any surprise, considering how this is a show full of Funny Animals.
  • Ships That Pass in the Night: The most popular pairing with the most art is by far Imai/Tanaka, even though they don't exchange any dialogue and the only scene they really have together was far from anything remotely romantic.
  • Shocking Moments: The very end of the final episode that reveals it was Sakura who murdered Yuki is this for a lot of viewers.
  • Viewer Species Confusion:
    • It's very easy to think the Daimon brothers are dogs, both due to their design and the fact that dogs are associated with police forces, but they're actually meant to be seen as meerkats.
    • Several people think Imai is some sort of hyena or something similar. In actuality, he's a skunk.
    • Kuroda is not an elephant, he's a tapir.
  • What Do You Mean, It's Not for Kids?: While the art style wouldn't look out of place in a show aimed at young children, the show itself is definitely not aimed at that demographic. Not only is the tone much darker and far more serious than would be expected from a children's show, but there's a lot more violence, as well as implied sex in episode 9. Plus, it aired at around Otaku O'Clock, when most children would be asleep anyways.
  • The Woobie: Resident Future Loser Kakihana borders into this trope. He unknowingly got involved into a badger game induced by the girl he liked, who is non other than Shiho from Mystery Kiss. He also dealt with the loan sharks he borrowed money from, so he can keep his rich man facade. Then, when he tried to propose Shiho, he got kidnapped and tortured by Yano and his mob. He then learned from Shiho that their relationship was fake all along, while he was in denial at first, he was rejected anyways. He was also taken hostage until the bank robbery happens, until Odokawa came to the rescue, but now he has many debts to pay due to the loans. The poor guy just needs a hug... Just geesh.
  • X Meets Y: Durarara!! meets Aggretsuko, with a dash of Quentin Tarantino.