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  • OK, so Hiyori's family could potentially be placed in great financial trouble because of what Father did. So... Why doesn't Yato go to Ebisu for help? They're friends, and he knows Hiyori. I can understand Hiyori herself being too selfless to do so, but Yato would definitely do so for her sake.
    • They need more than just finances though. Even if Ebisu helps out and gets the Iki family out of that situation, there's still issues with their reputation being destroyed and lawsuits.
  • Can't Yato take Away the Name He Gave Nora?
    • He did.
  • Not super sure if this belongs here, but in the English translations, why do they refer to him as "the Yato god", as opposed to "the god Yato"? Grammatically, the latter should be more correct, since Yato is used as his name (as far as I have seen). Is it actually meant to be a title/description? Does "Yato" mean something, and is it the "domain" he presides over, which is why they refer to him like that? Or is it just translation weirdness?
    • At least in the dub, probably because of translation weirdness: "Yato kami" is better synchronized as "Yato god" than the other way round.
  • So far, they keep saying how they can't kill "Father" because he is Yato's lifeline and that he would be disappear if he died. But considering Hiyori already goes as far to make a shrine just for him, shouldn't he be safe at least for a while and gather other followers in the meantime?
    • At least Hiyori will remember him, maybe even her brother and grandmother now too, and presumably would share Yato with any children she has (though she has been known to forget). It might be more due to how Yato only exists because father wished for him to. Yato (and others) are scared that if father no longer exists, then neither does the wish and so Yato will cease to exist.
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    • I figured that it was because Father was a constant figure. Even if Hiyori remembered him, she's been shown to forget if she hasn't been in contact with him for a while (and as she's probably in love with Yato, I doubt she'll have children with anybody else). If Yato relies solely on Hiyori's belief, he'll only last until she dies, if not sooner. Father, however, has been and will be around for many more years to come.
  • What was up with that little girl Yukine befriended in episode 5? She was dead, but she also had memories from when she was alive and clearly wasn't an ayakashi as a result, so she couldn't have been a shinki. What was she?
    • She was a spirit who was stuck on earth due to her unsolved business (rememenber, she was looking for her mother). If a god wanted to turn her into a shinki, they could have. But she was corrupted by an ayakashi before that could happen.

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