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  • Mayu's willingness to help save Yato when he is dying from corruption caused by Yukine. Sure she and Yato always bicker during her time as Tomone, but at least it is shown that she values their time together.
    • Yukine's purification and reformation beginning with a heartfelt, anguished apology for his misdeeds after he finally realized that he had a friend and father figure all along, in Yato. You Are Not Alone at its finest.
    • There's also Yato's complete refusal to banish Yukine. Doing so would have cured his blight and ended the extreme pain he was going through, but he didn't care, because banishment would mean losing Yukine, and he didn't want that. Yato may say that Yukine is nothing but a brat or a punk, but he does care about him, the way a father would care for his son, or the way a big brother would care for his younger siblings.
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    • Especially resonating considering Yato's relationship with Nora (as Hiiro) and Father.
    • Just, the entire resolution of episode 9.
  • In chapter 18 of the manga, Kofuku betting on Bishamon against Yato. Since she is the goddess of poverty, her logic is that the person she bets on will end up losing.
  • Chapter 19: When Yato was about to be killed by Bishamon, Yukine took the hit. Yes, that former Jerkass who caused Yato the life-threatening Blight. Doing so breaks him in half, showing how much their relationship has grown since Yato found Yukine. And also causes his evolution as a Blessed Vessel.
  • While crossed with Tear Jerker, the explanation behind why Kazuma is so willing to risk everything to protect Yato at all costs counts.
    • We see some flashbacks in chapter 40 of Kazuma sneaking off and handing Yato food and supporting and helping him during times of hardship.
  • Chapter 26. Yato finally receives a shrine, a tiny handmade one from Hiyori, something he's wanted for centuries. Even though it's small enough to fit in his hand, the fact that he now has a shrine of his own brings him to tears.
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  • YMMV but the flashback regarding Yato and his first interactions with Kofuku and Daikoku are a standout.
  • In the midst of the chaos and hilarity of Chapter 41, the fact that both Yato and Yukine are noticed by the Capyper character and both get their picture taken with him. Yato is thrilled to death and Yukine actually starts acting like the kid he really is.
  • Chapter 42. Kofuku tells Hiyori how she met Daikoku and how he gave her the name "Kofuku" when she was still Binbou-gami.
  • Chapter 45. Yato finally gets over his Poor Communication Kills tendency when it comes to Nora and his Father and begins to confide in Yukine a lot more than he has in the past, explaining his fears and warning him about the danger of being around his Father.
    • Small one, but at the beginning of the chapter, Bishamonten, in her first Pet the Dog moment basically notes she may have been too harsh in her behavior around Yato.
  • Yato giving Hiyori a Cooldown Hug after Yato's father pushes her into a Despair Event Horizon that causes her to begin transforming into an ayakashi. He then gives Yato a sadistic choice between killing her and making her his shinki or cutting the ties between them to cure her, adding that it's her wish to be his shinki. Yato chooses neither and instead chooses to hug Hiyori and apologize that he can't grant her wish because there are still people who care for her, while also promising that she'll be okay.
  • Chapter 52.
    • After Father's attempt at destroying her life and successfully destroying her parent's careers, Hyori returns to school, expecting to be treated like a pariah. She isn't when she gets to class. The moment also acts as an epic Take That! to Father's Humans Are Bastards philosophy.
    • Ebisu reassures Yato that he doesn't need to apologize to him because since he, as Ebisu's latest incaration, is not upset with Yato, then neither was his previous incarnation.
  • Hiyori fully commits to the decision to become a doctor like her father after Yato's Father ruins his reputation.
  • Yato doesn't want to see Hiyori until he's a God of Fortune. She tells him he already is one for her.
  • Yukine sneaks into Hiyori's grandmother's bedroom. She finds him and in a heartwarming conversation, he promises to protect her grandchildren.
  • Chapter 57.
    • After finding out that Kazuma in his zeal to find out about Yato's dad attacked Yukine, Bishamon immediately chews Kazuma out while acknowledging he has her interests at heart. She points out that regardless of her problems and occasional bouts of annoyance, Yato is a friend and that Kazuma needs to apologize to Yukine before it's too late to repair the damage. To top things off, she finally acknowledges the last minute deal Kazuma managed to make with Yato which saved her from dying from the corrupted "Ma" clan was worth it.
  • In general, Yato and Ebisu's friendship is this. They started out as strangers and reluctant allies until they became Fire-Forged Friends during their trip to the underworld, where Yato finally gave Ebisu the desire to value his life and Yato was absolutely devastated by the news of Ebisu's death. And even after Ebisu's death caused by Yato's father and later reincarnation]], they remain close friends where Yato is able to confide his insecurities to Ebisu who in turn would give advice and hold no grudge against Yato for playing a part in his death. His time with Ebisu has him step up from the dreaded God of Calamity to God of Fortune like him.
  • Chapter 71
    • Tenjin, Ebisu, and Kofuku risk the "lives" of the people most precious to them in order to save Yato and Yukine. In Kofuku's case, she didn't even get to decide. Daikoku was determined to save Yukine no matter the cost.
  • In chapter 79, Yato throws Kazuma's "Gods are incapable of loving humans" idea from the previous chapter out the window, as he admits to the passed out Shinki that he is (heavily implied to be) in love with Hiyori.
  • Chapter 80
    • Nora, of all people, has one as she's shown to be very childlike when Yukine let's her into Kofuku and Daikoku's place to take a bath. She's shown to be in awe of all the weird things in the store, fills the bath with toys, and chooses to wear a capyper hoodie over her typical outfit.

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