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Headscratchers / Mary Poppins Returns

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  • So, how exactly does Cousin Topsy's "turning turtle" work? She said it's been happening to her ever since she was born, implying that any building she's currently in at the moment flips upside down on second Wednesdays, not just her shop. What would happen if she was outside when this happened? And what if she simply left that building and entered a new one? Would that building suddenly flip as well the minute she entered?
    • She doesn't appear to ever go outside so perhaps she genuinely doesn't know. And from what we see in the film, it's more in character for her to just complain about the situation rather than experimenting or testing how it works.
  • Why did Michael make a drawing of his family on the back of the stock certificate? If he did it as a child it would be understandable but he was an adult male and would have had to remove the certificate from somewhere secure.


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