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WARNING: Spoilers Off applies to Moments pages. All spoilers will be unmarked.
  • Just like the second book, Mary Poppins Comes Back (and Act II of the Mary Poppins stage musical), Mary Poppins returns to Cherry Tree Lane via the string of the Banks children's kite. The movie's version features the iconic silhouette of Mary Poppins descending from the sky, with the kite — the first film's symbol of the Banks family's bond — in place of the umbrella.
  • Jack catching Georgie from being dragged away by the kite.
  • The whole Royal Doulton Music Hall sequence, which combines live action with 2D animation and includes a delightful number between Mary and Jack alongside the animal characters.
  • Seamus and Clyde helping John and Anabel rescue Georgie from the wolf, weasel, and badger.
  • With the release of the full trailer, you can hear the roars of surprise and excitement that the film is actually retaining the original's then-groundbreaking integration of live actors with 2D animation, and we'll get to see just how much more can be done with the technology advances since then.
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  • Jack climbing Big Ben, using nothing but ladders.
  • Mary Poppins flying up to Big Ben to turn the big hand back five minutes, giving Michael and Jane the extra time they need to get to the bank.
  • Dawes Jr arriving in the nick of time to reassume his position as head of the bank and fire his nephew before telling Michael and his family that they have enough money to keep their home.
    Dawes: He has you there, Willie!
    Wilkins: Uncle Dawes! What on earth are you doing here?
    Dawes: A little bird told me — winks at Mary Poppins' umbrella, who winks back — that you’ve been trying to cheat the Banks family out of their shares in this bank!
    Jack: That he has, we heard him.
    Dawes: I also hear you've been telling the whole of London that I've gone loony. The only loony thing I ever did was trust you to look after this bank!
    Wilkins: You can't be serious, I've nearly doubled the profits of this bank.
    Dawes: Yes, by wringing it out of the customers' pockets! Their trust in us built this bank. You've squandered every last bit of their goodwill. Well, Willie... I'm back, and you're out!
    • Word of God has confirmed that Dawes Jr.'s big dance scene did not involve a double or any CGI work; that actually is 92-year-old Dick Van Dyke hucking and jiving with just as much energy as he had 54 years prior. Emily Blunt and Lin-Manuel Miranda were told to stand next to the desk he was on in case he fell over, which of course never happened.
    • Choreographer Rob Marshall came up with four different dance routines for Dawes Jr.'s number and asked Dick Van Dyke which one he wanted to do. Dick Van Dyke said he wanted to do the hardest one.


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