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WARNING: Spoilers Off applies to Moments pages. All spoilers will be unmarked.


  • Sure enough, Admiral Boom fires his cannon... but he keeps doing so five minutes late, blaming Big Ben.
    • When he fires it off at the beginning, Jane and Michael treat it like nothing as they scramble to keep the objects from falling down.
    • After Mary Poppins sets it back five minutes to buy time to present the stock certificate, Admiral Boom is quite pleased to finally hear Big Ben ring in time with his cannon.
  • "I was flying a kite and it got caught on a nanny!"
    • Shortly after, Georgie's face adopts a comically suspicious look as he realizes there's something he hasn't been told about the nanny his kite caught.
  • Michael drops his papers the moment he sees Mary Poppins. Mary, per the original film, responds to his bewilderment:
    Mary Poppins: Close your mouth please, Michael. We are still not a codfish.
    • Then, just like in the original film, she points out Jane is still inclined to giggle.
  • Michael can't help remarking that Mary doesn't seem to have aged over twenty years, to which she chides him for bringing the subject up.
    Mary Poppins: How incredibly rude! One rarely discusses a woman's age, Michael. I would have hoped I taught you better.
  • As they reconnect with Mary Poppins, Jane remains stunned. Mary's response to her two former charges takes the cake, complete with a gag calling back to the original film:
    Jane: You came back. I never thought we'd see you again.
    Michael: It is wonderful to see you.
    Mary Poppins: [looking at herself in the mirror] Yes, it is, isn't it?
    [she walks away with her reflection watching her]
  • When asked why she's come back, Mary Poppins says the reason is the same as before: "To look after the Banks children". When Annabel asks if she's referring to her and her siblings, she replies, "Oh yes, you too."
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  • Jane and Michael, having met Mary Poppins again, question whether their adventures with her actually happened, or if it was just their imagination, as children. While they do so, Mary is seen, in the background, sliding up the banister.
  • Ellen's reaction to Mary Poppins coming back - she has no reaction whatsoever as Mary slides up the bannister; just a polite greeting.
    Ellen: (nonchalantly) Oh, hello, Mary Poppins.
    Mary Poppins: Hello, Ellen.
  • Mary Poppins arguing with her umbrella.
    Umbrella: Grownups forget. They always do.
    Mary Poppins: That'll be quite enough of that! I should have left you in the umbrella stand!
    Umbrella: (gasp) Not with the canes!
  • Mary starts the song "Can You Imagine That?", which is supposed to gradually build up to the "stuff and nonsense" she's capable of. Except a dolphin jumps its cue and pops out of the tub, and she tells it, "No, not yet!"
    • Then the reactions of the children when Georgie jumps in. They ask if he'll be alright, since he's disappeared into the depths of the tub. Mary Poppins supposes he will be, but then again it's not her tub. Then once John goes in...
    Annabel: Shouldn't you go in after them?!
    Mary Poppins: Oh no, I had my bath this morning.
  • When they go in the Royal Doulton Bowl, and meet Shamus the Coachman, who is also a dog.
    Annabel: You're... You're...
    Shamus: That's right... I'm Irish! (takes his hat off to reveal his curly head hair) I'm also part poodle!
    • There is also their reaction to Mary Poppins talking to him.
    John: She's talking to a dog!
    Clyde The Horse: Well, of course, she can talk!
    • As they prepare to ride off in the carriage, Shamus cracks the whip at Clyde, who gives him a look and says "Easy..." Presumably Clyde isn't too excited about getting whipped.
  • "A Cover Is Not The Book," where the impeccably prim and proper Mary Poppins suddenly becomes a Cockney-accented showgirl.
    • Just before she performs, Mary Poppins absolutely refuses to do so...
    "No, I couldn't possibly. [Turns to the conductor] D-flat major."
    • The fact she knows the exact key for the song.
    • When she is about to start the song, one of the penguins try to join her. She shoos him off.
  • Jack has Mary and the children hop on his bike by balancing on the ladder he carries. John gets concerned about their combined weight, and he asks Mary how much she weighs, to which she responds with a mortified look.
    • The conversation between Mary Poppins & Jane afterwards is also a gem:
    Jane: Are you sure, this is quite safe?
    Mary Poppins: Not in the slightest! Ready!
  • As Michael is rushing to the bank, and struggling with his briefcase, Mary Poppins takes the case offering to help him with it. She then quickly hands it off to the Banks' maid.
  • Michael is fumed when his children arrive late, and says he wants to give them a talking to. Mary Poppins casually tries to sneak upstairs to her room, but Michael stops her, telling her he wishes to speak to her too.
  • Mister Dawes Junior (portrayed by Dick Van Dyke) gives a wink to Mary Poppins's Umbrella, who winks back at him!
  • Mr Dawes Junior begins telling the story - "Once upon a time, there was a man with a wooden leg named..." - and then trails off, looks at Mary Poppins and says "Oh, that's not it!" with a little laugh. Apparently, he's finally gotten that joke!
  • During "Nowhere to Go But Up," Wilkins attempts to go up as well, but ends up grabbing the wrong balloon. He glares at the Balloon Lady as if it's her fault, but she simply shrugs and says, "Nowhere to go but up." (In the French dub her exact words are, "Well, at least you can't sink any lower.")
    • Mr. Frye holding onto a balloon with Mr. Gooding clinging onto him.
  • Bert isn't in London at the moment and it's been over twenty years, but the Chimney Sweeps still seem to remember Mary Poppins and fall right back into line behind her during the dancing.
  • At one point during the final number - "if your day's up the spout" - Georgie gets tangled in his balloon and passes the camera, floating upside down with the balloon tied around his ankle, looking positively gleeful! And then, later on, he's riding a balloon as he goes flying between his siblings.


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