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Tear Jerker / Mary Poppins Returns

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WARNING: Spoilers Off applies to Moments pages. All spoilers will be unmarked.
  • Michael's wife dying, the impetus for Mary Poppins returning. It strikes home that she may be practically perfect, but Mary Poppins can't prevent every tragedy, since she attends to dozens of children and families who need her. Magic also can't prevent The Great Depression, which claimed more happiness.
    • Michael looks bereft when he talks to Mary, but he manages to smile and tell her it's good to see her again.
    • Michael breaks down and admits that he's terrified of losing the house and leaving his children homeless.
      "Everything has fallen to pieces since your mother—" [He breaks off, crying]
    • In bed, his children all admit that they miss their mother.
    • The song "A Conversation" really explores Michael's relationship with his late wife. It shows how they loved each other dearly and just how lost he feels without her.
  • You kind of have to be paying attention, but during the otherwise upbeat "(Underneath the) Lovely London Sky," you can see a homeless person surrounded by pigeons sleeping on the steps of St. Paul's Cathedral in the background as Jack bikes by. You'll likely get flashbacks to Feed the Birds.
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  • When they see Mary Poppins, Michael's first reaction is a Dramatic Drop. He comments on how it's like she never aged, and Jane asks, with a bewildered, "You came back," why did she come now?
  • The way Annabel tells Mary Poppins that she and her siblings don't need a nanny because they did a lot of growing up in the past year. It's partly Played for Laughs, but also sobering in how they're handling the recent stresses.
  • The teaser shows the image of Michael and Jane’s kite, fixed by their father as a metaphor of their renewed relationship, in the trash. note  There’s a lot to speculate about that, and what is there is heartbreaking.
  • "The Place Where Lost Things Go", especially this part near the end:
    "So when you need her touch
    And loving gaze
    Gone but not forgotten
    Is the perfect phrase
    Smiling from a star
    That she makes glow
    Trust she's always there
    Watching as you grow
    Find her in the place
    Where the lost things go"
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  • "Practically perfect in every way..." Once again, Mary Poppins must leave.
  • For that matter, the fact that they'll somehow forget all of the magical fun they had that day by tomorrow.


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