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Julie Andrews will make an unannounced cameo.
She'll appear near the end of the film as Mary Poppins' mother, as if passing on the torch.
  • Jossed. Ms Andrews has said she doesn't want to do anything that would overshadow Emily Blunt's performance. Funnily enough, she appears in Aquaman, the big release Mary Poppins Returns faces off against.

She just has regenerated.

Time Lady, if you please.

The Mary Poppins in this movie is a Legacy Character.

Jossed. She is the same Mary Poppins we all know and love (albeit slightly truer to her literary counterpart).


Angela Lansbury's character will turn out to Eglantine Price.

Jossed. She's the Balloon Lady.

Michael Rooker will make a cameo.
All because of four memetic lines.

He doesn't.

The Admiral Boom Running Gag will return

  • They cast someone as "Admiral Boom". So why not have it be explained as "Admiral Boom Jr" or someone like his grandson or nephew took over.
  • It just seems like too valuable a joke or Call-Back to give up. It would be quite funny for Mary to mention how she has been around the neighbourhood once, and how she missed it. Followed by a Call-Back to the residents shouting "POSTS! EVERYONE!" and a boom, causing her to just calmly say "I can't say I missed that, though."
  • confirmed - it's actually Admiral Boom.

ways they can incorporate the Admiral Boom Running Gag
  • His successor is younger and not as into it, but keeps it up out of tradition... and part of the Running Gag is that he always makes it up on time and then promptly goes back to what he's doing as if nothing is up.
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  • Mary says the neighbourhood hasn't changed too much... only for the house to shake and to say "...well I didn't miss that."
  • At the beginning, Ellen screams "POSTS EVERYONE!" and they Homage the first scene.
  • Jossed.

The death of Michael's wife will be dealt with by...your guesses here!
That Michael is a grieving widower and thus his kids don't have a mother anymore is key to why Mary comes back to look after all of them. I Choose to Stay isn't an option for Mary Poppins, but when she left at the end of the original film she'd ensured that the Banks was a truly intact family again. She has to make sure Michael's family is able to hold together once she's gone. Now Mary, despite her abilities, isn't a necromancer, so she can't bring back the wife/mum. The housemaid is noticeably older than Michael so she can't set up a romance between them. Jane has a cause of her own to follow, and it wouldn't be right to force her to stay with her brother's family. So what can Mary do to fix the problem of the mother being "out of place"?

An eventual third film will take place in 1964.
1964 being the year the original film was released, and if Dick Van Dyke is still around he could play an elderly Bert who despite his age would still be up for a little magical "stuff and nonsense".

People like chimney sweeps and lamplighters who live "on the fringes" of society have a touch of magic about them that allows them to remember people like Mary Poppins.
Which is why they all recognize her and accept the crazy stuff that happens around her when normal grownups can't remember it.

Topsy Turvy is a Harry Potter witch.
The alleyway they go down to find her is definitely some kind of London offshoot/equivalent of Diagon Alley.

Jack gets ship teased with Jane to avoid him getting shipped with Mary.
Bert and Mary had a decent amount of ship tease (especially in the Broadway musical), so it would be weird for his younger expy to get the same treatment (unless you headcanon that this Mary is a different Mary and the original Mary settled down with Bert somewhere...anyway). So to avoid all that they paired him with Jane.
  • Mary even subtly encourages the pair by "coincidentally" ending up in just the right spot so that Jack can drop them off at the bank and take Jane to her rally. Maybe she's trying to pair people up to discourage them from having feelings for her, since she never stays in the same place for very long? Or maybe she thinks Jack would be a good addition to the family - he supports Jane's work and could help take care of the kids after Mary leaves.
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  • Confirmed.

They didn't turn back time - they fixed it
Back in the day, the Admiral was always on time to the second. And so he was after Mary turned back Big Ben. That means either the Admiral's watch went wrong in between - or Big Ben did.The first film takes place in 1910. Returns takes place in 1935. What takes place in between?Peter Pan.When the kids landed on Big Ben during "we can fly", they push the time forward a few minutes. Mary simply fixed the chaos Peter caused.
  • This is a fun theory, but Peter Pan is actually set earlier than the first movie (most likely between 1900 and 1906).

Mr. Dawes is fibbing about investing the tuppence.
As the owner of the bank he can forgive any loan he wants. If he simply forgave Michael's loan, Michael would be unlikely to accept the charity, being something of a proud father and having already accepted (along with his children) the loss of the house. The shares angle no longer works. If Mr. Dawes were that good of an investor, everything else in the bank would've been invested the same way the tuppence was and the bank would own the whole world. Mr. Dawes is just a Nice Guy and he knows he owes that to George Banks, so he pays it back by forgiving the loan and concocting a story about the tuppence so Michael feels no guilt or obligation over returning home.

Peter Pan is in the same continuity
During "Can You Imagine That?" Mary Poppins references an island of pirates that never grow old. This sounds like a reference to Peter Pan. The idea is further supported by the WMG about Peter messing up Big Ben.

Jack and the lamplighters still remember Mary Poppins because of their affinity for the principle of Lantern.
It's right there in the song: a leerie's got the gift of second sight. Mary Poppins is, of course, a Name, similar to Teresa / the Baldomeran.

The Place Where the Lost Things Go is Pixie Hollow
Going along with the idea that Mary Poppins and Peter Pan exist in the same universe, remember a certain fairy being quite fond of... lost things? That's right - the place Mary Poppins sings about might just be the same place where Tinker Bell finds her 'lost things'. As for the Banks children's mother - she is also there, transformed into some sort of magical creature in what would be her afterlife. And the 'star that she makes glow'? The second star to the right!

Balloon Lady is Eglantine Price
Ms. Price was an accomplised wizard by herself at the end of Bedknobs and Broomsticks, and knew about magic and imagination. Who else could be Mary's accomplice, but her?

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