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Headscratchers / Clock Tower II: The Struggle Within

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  • If the Scissormen keep getting born into the Maxwell family, how did they get born into the Barrows family in the first place?
    • My guess is that the two families are closely related.
    • Hmmm...the golden statue is the clue. Although unconfirmed, just like the Barrows family, the Maxwell family must have had a Deal with the Devil as well. The only difference is that the Barrows/Burroughs family knew what they were getting themselves into and willingly did it to worship their deities. While the Maxwell family must have just recently found out about this, did not bother to do much research, tempted fate, and made the pact anyway. Which in turn made their whole family line geniuses, and also gave out unforeseen consequences.
      • If my theory is correct, then this makes the Maxwell family very Genre Blind.
  • So the first act of The Struggle Within tries to lead Alyssa/Bates and the players into believing the threats against them are all supernatural. But then subsequent acts reveal that most everything was due to cerebral toxin or a zombie plague. That everything was a (relatively) more realistic sci fi horror story rather than a fantasy horror story. Okay fine, fair enough. Except this is underminded by the multiple instances of explicitly supernatural stuff going on, like objects floating around, or the golden statue having mysterious repelling energy when Alyssa tries to touch it (but not Bates), or the fact that Stephenie gets cured of what we're later told is toxin burning the statue, resulting in a spooky ghost cloud billowing out of her. Between all that and the threatening phone calls (which might have been from Maxwell), and you get the feeling the devs working on act one were not in communication with the devs for the later acts.
    • Yeah, that's the thing this game is horribly criticized for it's plot holes, it's only by reading the wiki or other supplementary works made, can you truly make sense of the plot.

      • The devs did mess up, as stated above, they wanted to cash in on Resident Evil. Thus, it diminished the quality of the story writing.

      • In the drama cd, although I'm not really good at Japanese, so i don't really understand much. I believe It was explained that Alyssa was just hallucinating or imagining things. There is also, a hint in the game that Maxwell had magic powers, in Allen's letter to Phillip. So that could be another explanation. Although, this belongs in the WMG section, Stephanie could have been possessed by an entity, and since Alyssa Hale is a powerful demon, she could have unknowingly expelled it out. That is, if you believe all the Clock Tower games are related.

      • Also, although this is as much trivia, there was supposed to be a manga, possibly covering all the plot holes, but it was never finished. Unless you know Japanese however, the drama CD is your best bet. The scenarios are more realistic.