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Headscratchers / Clock Tower (1995)

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  • In First Fear, one of the endings involves you driving away from the house early, before tying up loose ends, after you've already witnessed the death of 1 or 2 of your friends. If you witness all 3 dying, then the car mysteriously disappears, forcing you to have to play the game through normally. Given that Bobby and Mary Barrows confront you at the end, with Mr Barrows still in the cell, with Dan in the cave, and the third friend disposed of before the ending scene, who the hell drove this car away?
    • It was an escape option, even if it was the wrong escape option. I'm going to guess Mary Barrows didn't expect Jennifer to survive as long as she had in the house. Once she realized Jennifer wasn't going to be killed easily, she probably moved the car so Jennifer couldn't escape. That would explain her absence throughout parts of the game.

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