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Nightmare Fuel / Clock Tower II: The Struggle Within

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  • You thought Scissorman was scary? Believe us, you will shit bricks by the dozen when you finally meet the titular Ax-Crazy psycho of Clock Tower: Ghost Head. Imagine this: You're all alone in a room, trying to find a piece of a puzzle or your amulet that will let you switch personalities, and all of a sudden an Implacable Man in a bloody lab coat and Hannya mask dragging around a giant machete barges in. Cue chase sequence! It's a lot more startling than it sounds, especially since you have no idea when it'll happen; at least with the other stalkers you usually get a Musical Spoiler before having to deal with them. Then there's the scraping...
  • And let's not forget the way the environment tries to kill you. You can walk into a room and suddenly have the floor fall out from under you, or have a porcelain doll rise from the floor and dash at you, or have a disembodied hand jump out through the mirror and strangle you. Not to mention the killer wolf laying somewhere outside waiting to pounce and mangle you the first chance it may get.
  • The Drama CD's ending manages to actually be unsettling as Bates gets away with outright murdering Allen, the tone is alot more downbeat with Alyssa seemingly latching onto Bates as the only person she has left, it is surprisingly downbeat considering the Esoteric Happy Ending of the actual game and the fact Bates is still around despite being much worse of a person can't be good for anyone.