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Fridge / Clock Tower II: The Struggle Within

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Fridge Brilliance:

  • A lot of people bitch and moan about Ghost Head for various reasons, but the main one is that it doesn't feature Scissorman. If you read everything you can about all the characters and the Maxwell Curse, you realize that it does feature some Scissormen - Alyssa and Bates are Dan and Bobby reincarnated. If you think about this really hard, then you realize the brilliance; there are no Scissormen because George is trying hard to stop Alyssa from turning into the Scissorman and killing George. Thanks to Bates, she never will.
    • And the plot as a whole makes sense if you read Wikipedia, the Clock Tower Wikia, and then play the game/watch an LP. George Maxwell is wealthy and powerful, but a family curse means that his newborn twins are the Scissormen, and he has to bury them and let them die. He is so upset that he decides to take revenge on humanity with zombies. Not the best plan, but hey, zombies are trending. Meanwhile, Allen Hale and Philip Tate are jealous of George, so they dig up the babies to spite him (remember that Allen worked with George on his zombie plan, so he should know). They discover that Bates is dead and, realizing that he has possessed Alyssa, adopt her and give her an amulet to protect her. The amulet may or may not be placebo. However, some bullies knock the amulet off, and Bates goes apeshit and kills them, leading to everyone discovering that Alyssa has Double Personality Disorder (well, no she doesn't, but it looks that way) and she is sent to a mental hospital.
      • The statue needs to be burned because it has a toxin on it that makes people go insane.
      • Shannon tries to kill Alyssa because she was jealous of her relationship with Allen after her mother died (bear in mind that Allen and his wife are divorced).
      • Stephanie tries to kill her family after she becomes a quasi-zombie.
      • Philip and Kathryn are dreading Alyssa returning unless she becomes Bates again, which is exactly why Philip tries to strangle her.
      • Kathryn screams at the beginning because she's just seen Ashley, who's become a zombie. Philip kills her and scatters her body parts around the house.
    • The Maxwell curse specifies twin girls, but "Bates" was a boy. Well, by freaking out and burying them both, Maxwell forced Bates' spirit into Alyssa, effectively making him female. By trying to prevent the curse, Maxwell caused it to happen!