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Headscratchers / Butterbean's Cafe

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  • Since Miss Marmalady's a winged fairy like Butterbean and her friends, why can't she fly?
    • Maybe she doesn't have the same powers as them. Perhaps when a fairy grows up, they lose the ability to fly.
    • Maybe she can but she chooses not too
    • Maybe her wings aren’t decorated as the decorations on the girls’ wings allows them to fly.
      • Scratch that. The girls’ were able to fly before their wings were transformed.
  • What was Jasper before he gained his dragonfly wings? The premiere episode, "The Grand Opening!", shows he didn't always have his wings. Was he an elf or something?
    • It almost seems as if he was just a normal human.
    • Or maybe he’s a brownie, which is a type of fairy that doesn’t have wings.
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  • How come they're only 6 fairies in Puddlebrook and the rest of the civilians are just animals, there has been pictures shown of other fairies in leaflets but where are they?
  • Do the bean team get paid for their work?
    • Which leads to a secondary question - how does Miss Marmalady stay in business if she almost never has customers?
  • It's hard to tell if the fairies are human sized or typical tiny fairies, since the area around them has giant leaves, flowers and rocks but the plants they interact with are the size of normal plants
  • Where did the magic beans, magic equipment and the chest they were stored in come from? This probably won't be explained but it'll be interesting to know
  • How did Miss Marmalady get cookie wings? The girls didn't originally have cookie wings and only got them after finding the magic chest which Maralady probably doesn't know the existence of.
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  • How exactly did no one remember Butterbean's Catchphrase in "Rainbow Noodle Soup"? Their worry that the soup they made to replace what was spilled wouldn't be up to snuff makes sense given that Butterbean is recognized as a total Supreme Chef while the rest of them act as her assistants but she uses her Catchphrase at least once a day and probably more than that.
  • In "The Marmalady Sisters!", how is it that Miss Marmalady is able to put together a prize-winning dessert in tandem with her sister Martha? Sure, the show wants viewers to learn an Aesop about working together, but it's been well-established that Miss Marmalady can't cook anything to save her life.
    • Well, she did follow a recipe for what amounts to the first time on-screen and possibly in her life; that might have something to do with it.

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