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YMMV / Butterbean's Cafe

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  • Friendly Fandoms: A lot of Bubble Guppies fans seem to be interested in the show, especially since they share the same creators. Strawberry Shortcake fans have also been receptive due to the "cute" factor and cooking/food themes.
  • Moe: Butterbean is very cute, as are her friends.
  • Retroactive Recognition: Cricket (Gabriella Pizzolo) is now far more known for singing "Never Ending Story" with Dustin.
  • Rooting for the Empire: Some viewers ended up rooting for Ms. Marmalady, especially since she has tons of personality compared to the flat protagonists.
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  • Tastes Like Diabetes: With a non-threatening, overly petty villain and literally sweet protagonists, this series can be overly sweet for some.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • The Christmas Episode, "The Sugar Plum Fairy!" has plenty of them.
      • Ms. Marmalady laments that she's never been invited to anything before, making her a Jerkass Woobie.
      • Spork and Spatch steal the cake that Butterbean and her friends made, and then it gets ruined and turned into a loaf shape. Ms. Marmalady is completely distraught by this, as she just wanted the recipe, not to steal the cake.
      • Despite them being rivals, the Bean Team genuinely wanted to invite Ms. Marmalady, Spork, and Spatch over for dinner. However, she's unable to come because their cake was ruined, and they're shown to be disappointed.
      • If a piece of cake isn't left out for the Sugar Plum Fairy, she won't come. Because of this, the normally bright and cheerful Cricket breaks down crying. Fortunately, things get better after that.
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    • In "Cricket's Forever Friend," Cricket learns that her friend Dottie Hudson is moving away. They plan a fun day together, but end up getting into a tiff. Then when Cricket makes a card for her, she and Butterbean go to deliver it to her house, only to find that she's apparently already moved away. Fortunately, it turns out that she and her family only just moved around the corner.


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