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Funny / Butterbean's Cafe

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  • "Summer Slushies":
    • Butterbean puts in a call to Miss Marmalady to borrow her freezer at the same time that Miss Marmalady is busy spying on her.
      Spork: (on the phone) She's too busy spying on you to talk with you right now.
      Miss Marmalady: Gimme that!
    • Butterbean's little sister Cricket immediately recognizes Butterbean's plan as a bad idea and is not afraid of letting the audience know about it.
      Cricket: (confessional) I wouldn't trust Miss Marmalady to freeze an ice cube!
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  • In "Poppy's Cookbook," Miss Marmalady substitutes salt in place of sugar.
    Miss Marmalady: It looks like sugar, so what's the difference?

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