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  • Why is Bambi's dad 'The Great Prince of the Forest' and not 'King'? Bambi gets called "the young Prince" by a couple of other characters, so why are they both Princes?
    • Maybe that's how this forest royalty works perhaps?
      • Yes, but why?
      • Because in the novel they're roe-deer. Prince is an individual term for roe-deer in the books. The Kings are the red deer (and most roe-deer are terrified of them, on account of them being so large and fierce). Disney turned Bambi & Co. into white-tailed deer, but didn't bother to change the hierarchy.
      • In the Disney version, the Kings are elk.

  • Is "twitterpated" even a real word?
    • In our world, no. In theirs, yes.
    • It's being used as a word outside of the movie, just as "eyeball" is being used outside of Shakespeare. So, if "eyeball" is a word, so is "twitterpated."

  • What's a white-tailed deer mother doing with a fawn that young when there's snow on the ground? Bambi should've been born in late spring and lost his spots by the end of the summer.
    • Dramatic purposes. The younger Bambi seems, it makes his mother's death seem much harsher. And of course we all know Snow Means Death, they wouldn't kill her in a sunny day.

  • What's the point of Bambi 2? The whole thing's like a giant retcon to explain that the Great Prince actually did love Bambi deep down, but that seemed fairly clear from the original. Were people actually upset that the Great Prince seemed aloof and distant?
    • Money. The point was money.
      • Ultimately, probably so. Plus, the choice was likely between making a Bambi's Children adaptation or a similar Spin-Offspring movie, or making a midquel during Bambi's fawn years. Since the child designs of the cast have proved far more marketable, they likely decided to go with the latter.
    • I think the point of it was to explore Bambi's relationship with his father, which the original film didn't go into detail on. It was basically covering the gap that occurred in the original after the death of his mother.
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    • Plus you know, something to smooth out the transition between a bleak wintery death and birds singing gay little Spring songs.

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