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Headscratchers / AI: The Somnium Files

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  • Does Iris even have any friends at her school? If she did how come they never appear in the game and why doesn't she mention them? You'd think they would hang out with her at Lemniscate sense she's so famous. Was it a Friendless Background kind of ordeal?
    • It could just be that her work as an idol leaves her without enough free time to make close friendships; she has a lot of followers but few friends. She also probably has to help her mom out a lot and actually work for money considering she comes from a single-parent home. When you consider that for the past few months she's been juggling all this along with treatment for stage 4 brain cancer, it's not surprising she has trouble keeping up relationships with people.
  • Was it ever explained why Mizuki has Super Strength?
    • Her voice actor thinks she's either a mutant from her grandpa's genes or the chemical meltdown.
    • She's a Shout-Out to Deep One hybrids. Her grandpa started the line.

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