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Fridge / AI: The Somnium Files

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Fridge Brilliance

  • As usual for an Uchikoshi game, there's a lot of wordplay that sometimes hints at major reveals.
    • The model of Date's car is never discussed in game, and Word of God only clarified that it was an Australian make of car. Examining it with this in mind reveals it's an '89 Ford Falcon.
    • Date's real name is Hayato Yagyu. With Kanji in mind, Hayato means "falcon" and Yagyu can be broken down to "8" and "9". Quite the Prophetic Name.

Fridge Horror

  • On Mizuki's route, Iris is said to make a full recovery from her surgery after So Sejima is killed. That's great! ...and then you reach the Annihilation Route's ending and realize that Iris is already dead, given that Saito swapped her mind into Renju's body before killing him, and that "Iris" is really So's mind in her body due to Saito switching with him afterward. Then you find out something else from the Resolution Route - namely, that Iris is suffering from terminal brain cancer, so her body is doomed anyway.
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  • Ota's route for similar reasons, but even worse: While Saito is killed while within So's body at the climax of Mizuki's route here he has already moved on to his next body evidenced by the discovery of So's dismembered corpse. If the Annihilation route is any indication, the Boss that Date is talking to during The Stinger is actually Saito and the real Boss is dead with the branch heading full-tilt towards a bad ending.
  • In the joke ending, Date convinces the Lemniscate receptionist to move to Atami with him, yanking Aiba out of his eye socket so she can't stop him. You later learn that Date's current brain (which was originally Saito's) has a deficiency which makes it unable to naturally secrete oxytocin, the hormone responsible for feelings of love, and one of Aiba's functions was to compensate for this by giving him a supplementary dose. Saito turned into a murderous sociopath due to this, and without Aiba, a similar fate probably awaits Date.
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  • Iris' debut single Invincible Rainbow Arrow becomes incredibly dark once you consider the context of her brain tumor - considering she became an idol to find her long-lost Uncle, the lyrics sound like a cry for help against her incoming death.note 
Even with the devils of time against you,
[Later in the song]
Never let this merciless world erase you!

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