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Head Scratchers / Littlest Pet Shop (2012)

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  • While the other characters can be commonly seen as being owned as pets (The monkey may get a pass for being an exotic pet), what on earth is a panda doing in a pet shop in the first place? Shouldn't she be in a zoo? Or a breeding facility in China? How did a pet shop manage to get an internationally-renowned endangered species to sell? Was she poached from somewhere?
    • In the episode "Frenemies" showed a photo of the day she first arrived, and was brought by a man who looked like a zookeeper. So she probably is owned by the zoo but comes to LPS for whatever reason...
    • Littlest Pet Shop doesn't sell pets. Littlest Pet Shop caters to them. As to how/why Penny Ling is there...probably the above.
    • It's since been revealed that Penny Ling's owner is a zookeeper and most likely licensed to own a panda.
  • When the Biskit Twins say "We can be just like those two super cute detectives in our favourite show ever, Super Cute Investigators!" It seems weird that if it's their favourite show, they'd say "Like those two super cute detectives" and not the character's actual names. I mean, I know the names aren't important to the episode but still. That's like a huge "Sherlock" fan saying "I would love to be like 'That Detective' in Sherlock" Or are we to believe that in the show itself, their names are literally "The Super Cute Investigators"? Also the idea that "the Biskits are too dumb to care or pay attention to what their names are" they know Blythe's name and they love that show more than they could possibly like her.
    • Most likely enforced by the fact that it wasn't important, or it would not be worthwhile to characters who don't appear for longer than 10 seconds on-screen. Also, the Biskits are pretty bad with names, as the only ones they seem to remember are the teachers', Vi Tannabruzzo's, and Blythe's.
  • Where was Mrs. Twombly during the events of "Tongue Tied"?
    • Well, Blythe was singing about not having to do anything. So it was likely her day off from the store, which could imply the store was closed. But maybe Blythe wanted to hang out with the pets on her day off regardless, so she got special permission from the previous day, for them to come. We can assume from that, that Mrs. Twombly left to do whatever she does on her day off, once she checked them in, assuming Blythe would be down soon.
    • "Snow Stormin'" revealed Mrs. Twombly doesn't live at LPS, so she was probably at home.
  • If the raccoons from "Heart of Parkness" talked to Blythe, would she be able to understand them?
    • No, she would hear exactly what Sunil was hearing, because they weren't speaking English, not even in the animal tongue. Keep in mind, if she could understand them she would have been able to understand Jebbie.
  • How did Francoise get his job back in season 3? Did the Biskits just pull a Spacely? Or did Fisher just ignore his daughters firing the butler?
    • As has been said in a couple places on This Very Wiki, he was likely never officially fired in the first place, as Brittany and Whittany don't have any actual authority to fire him.
    • Fisher gives him his job back in "Winter Wonder Wha...?", which is actually episode 4 of season 3. It was pulled back so it could air closer to Christmas.
      • At double the salary.
  • In the episode, In the Loop, Russell is stuck in a time loop that nobody else seems to be in.. What's the explanation? We don't get any (except maybe to teach the lesson to move on and make friends). Well, besides it being a movie parody and all.
    • It wasn't explained in the movie either.
  • The lesson in "Sue Syndrome", sure, teaching someone to say no and express how they really feel is a good thing to teach kids, but was including smells really the best way to do this? Especially since Pepper's bad odors were the main reason why the pets bothered Mitzi so much in the first place?
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  • In "Spendthrifty", Blythe gets saddled with an annoying screaming baby doll that can't be turned off and has an absurdly long battery life. Since she doesn't have time to care for the doll, which is only a toy, and never asked for it in the first place, and is way too old for something like that, why didn't she find a way to get rid of and/or destroy it? I'm pretty sure it wouldn't still be screaming its Sweetest Sweetsie head off if they disassembled it. (Imitatable act?)
  • Roger tells Blythe that he already knew, or at least had a feeling she could talk to animals, but then why was he so hard on her in "Sweet Truck Ride" when she explains to him about how the pets were the ones who took the truck for a drive? She couldn't outright say that the pets told her since she wanted to keep her ability a secret, but from Roger's point of view he should have known she was avoiding telling him the full story if he knew about her having the same ability as her Mother.
    • Honesty. Roger was basically trying to lead Blythe into being honest.
  • Are we not gonna talk about the fact Penny committed mass property damage (over a drawing of a suit!) and animal control wasn't called in at all?
  • In "Door-Jammed", nobody brings up the fact that in most stories werewolves don't remember much, if anything, they do as a wolf and are often portrayed as tormented souls. Why exactly are the pets reacting to one another with such hostility that would be more appropriate if they thought one of the pets was Satan in disguise?