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Haiku / Dark Souls III

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At the Bell's tolling

You shall rise from your Undeath,

Tongue but hole ahead.

MF Sockibombz

The Bell's chime echoes

Rise from your dreamless slumber

Try jumping ahead

Portaljumper 339

Only embers left,

As the world lies, dying now,

Shed all final tears.

- ewanern

When the end has come,

There is one last foe to face...

It's you. EVERY you.

- Creaturemaster

When the fire fades,

And only embers remain,

The bell tolls for thee


- Arkhosia

At the end of the Cycles,

only Ash remains...

and nothing remains for you.


But in the distance

a final Human note  awaits,

and The Dark Soul consumes them.


And so it is that

the Ashen Wastes come,

only to be filled with water.


Transitory Lands

do give rise to a new world note 

and Humans are free.

- Serrara Willow L.


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