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Without even cheating, there's many ways to make the game become very easy.

Base game

  • The Moodlet Manager, a Lifetime Reward, removes any bad moodlets on you, and for all intents in purposes, it makes it an all-you-can-eat, bed, toilet, telephone, bath and games device all in one. When any one of your bars hits the point it gives you a bad moodlet, the Moodlet Manager will heal it, and give you the polar opposite to it (Smelly becomes Squeaky Clean, Strained becomes Having a Blast and so on) instantly. The only downside is that it can sometimes backfire and shunt your energy level down to 0. However, just re-using it instantly cures this. Taken to the extremes, a sim can stay awake for months and doesn't need to eat more than once a week, and even then that's only if you want the Ambrosia buff. note 
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  • The "Steel Bladder" lifetime reward remove all need of using toilets, thus giving a lot more free time to Sims (as well as removing a hypothetical cause of negative moodlets).
  • Some Lifetime Wants have gamebreakers. The monetary ones can be fulfilled by adding more Sims, who come with $16,500 Simoleons, to the household. When a Sim leaves the household, he comes with $16,500, so you can also move him in and out of the same household to generate cash. The Surrounded By Family Lifetime Want is fulfilled when the Sim has five teenage children raised from babies. This Want can be fulfilled in less than one day by adopting five babies and aging them up prematurely with the Birthday Cake. As an option in the game (it was a cheat in The Sims 2), you can turn Aging off, effectively giving you infinite time to fulfill a Lifetime Want.
  • Manually setting the lifespan to its maximum valuenote  gives more than enough time to complete a Lifetime Wish, master several skills, get rich, and reach the top position in your job without having to worry about dying of old age.
    • With Generations or Supernatural (when playing a vampire), you'll have more than enough time to gather enough Lifetime Happiness Points to buy the reward which freezes aging, making age a moot point anyway.
  • The Ambitious trait makes promotions and salary raises faster to obtain, lifetime wishes' fulfillments grant 15 percent more Lifetime Happiness, and the trait gives lifetime wishes that are easy to fulfill (gaining a salary raise or a promotion, having an household worth of [x] Simoleonsnote ). The faster job progression makes some Lifetime wish (all those which require to reach level 10 in a job career) easier to obtain, you get more wages, and the bonus to Lifetime Happiness points allows to get Lifetime Rewards earlier. The only drawback is that not having a skill increase or job progression for a while results in a negative moodlet, which is low and won't last for more than a few days, anyway.
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  • The Workaholic trait makes a Sim less stressed when at work or at school, workaholic children and teens gain fun when doing homework (or helping someone else) and do it much faster than non-workaholic Sims, being at work grants a positive moodletnote , and adult workaholic Sims are able to work from home with a computer, which grants more money and contributes to their job performance. It makes school and work life much easier to manage, especially if combined with "Ambitious". The only drawbacks are a negative moodlet when skipping work (which you don't want to do, anyway) and negative reactions to the "complain about work" and "joke about work" interactions.
  • The Business career pays well for low effort (from the player), is the easiest to progress, and eventually offers plenty of free time. It doesn't require any skill to progress, but only a good mood and good relations with the boss and the coworkers (you can socialize with coworkers while at work), as well as holding occasional meetings out of office hours (once your reached the 6th level of the career). At the highest point, the Sims works three days a weeknote  and three hours a day, for wages of almost 1,000 Simoleons/day (and that's before even getting salary raises), with no other obligation than occasionally holding 90 minutes meetings (which you are paid for, at the same wages/hour value than normal office work). To progress even faster, combine with Ambitious, Workaholic, and Schmoozer (making friends is faster) traits.
  • The military career offers average salaries but plenty of free time (4 week days of work from level 1 to 3, 3 week days of work from level 4 to 9; work starts at 7 a.m. but the Sim leaves at worst at 3 p.m. and at best at 12 p.m.), and conditions to a faster advancement are cheap (mood, good relations with the boss, athletic and handiness skillnote ). At level 10 ("Astronaut"), the Sim works a single day each week, and initially earns §6012 per days, though workday is so long (7 a.m. to 1 a.m.) that a good part of the next day will be spent recovering in bed; that's still 5 full free days in a week. Also, the Astronaut workday is so long that, with fully trained skills and relations, you're guaranteed completely fills the work performance meter in a single day, thus gaining a salary raise each time.
  • Sims who are romantically involved can woohoo in the shower. It allows two Sims to clean themselves at the same time while using a single appliance, and completely fills their fun need, which makes their morning routine much easier to manage.

Expansion packs

World Adventures

  • The martial arts skill. Similar to the base game's athletic skill in hygiene drains, but completing a certain challenge involving a board breaker allows Sims to smash a certain board (actually a rock) to create gems from. This can range from the low-priced Ruby to the high-priced Rainbow Gem; double this with the athletic challenge "Body Builder" for double the fun.
  • This expansion pack includes what is quite probably the most gratuitous Game Breaker in all of Simkind. You can Transmute metals in the game by using a Display Case, and tinkering with this can, if done right, bring untold riches. The only downside is that you need to create a Supernovium first (which seems to involve extensive fusion of Platinum), but once you do have that, you're in for something special. If you arrange 1x Supernovium + 8x Gold on the XL display case, with the Supernovium in the top left corner of the case with a gold bar stacked on top of it, and the rest of the gold put in the other 7 slots, it creates two bars: Compendium and Platinum. Once you have the Compendium bar, arrange it exactly as before, with it in the top left with a Gold Bar on top, the other Gold Bars in the other areas, You get...Another bar of compendium. However, it's value will have increased exponentially. By repeating this process, you can generate a super-dense, super heavy bar that can be worth up to 2.1 Billion before it loops around and bottoms out at 0.
    • Gems can also be transmuted. Place 8 cut gems in the XL display case: there must be at least 5 unique types of gem (e.g. quartz, blue topaz, etc.) and 4 or fewer different cuts (oval, pear, etc.). Transmute and you will receive a large uncut soulpeace gem, usually worth a few thousand Simoleons. Since the value of the input gems doesn't really affect the output value, this cannot be done exponentially like above. Instead, this allows you to turn worthless gems (i.e. most of them) into Soulpeace.
  • Incense burners can be bought at each travel location, and each one gives all the Sims in the same room a +10 moodlet while also providing some other boosts. One increases the rate of skill gain and decreases the time takes to meditate, one increases the success of romantic interactions, and one decreases the rate of decay of the Fun motive. Incense costs money but once a burner is lit it will not go out unless a Sim manually puts it out, so you can keep enjoying the benefits for all eternity.


  • Harvesters and Floor Hygienators. The former is a device that collects everything surrounding the Sim from insects to gardening produce while raising Fun and the latter raises hygiene when walked over. These aren't so bad by themselves but when the challenge for the Inventing skill is finished (Master Inventor), they can get pretty powerful; specifically, they won't backfire on Sims.
    • A Floor Hygienator becomes this especially when placed in an area that a Sim stays in for a long period of time note , because it will activate every ten seconds or so while a Sim is stood on it. Placing one under a bed means that a Sim can go to sleep with minimum hygiene and wake up with maximum, eliminating the need for showers and baths.

Late Night

  • The "Master of Seduction" lifetime reward. Buying this ensures that romantic interactions never fail, making finding a romantic partner a breeze.


  • The Motive Mobile lifetime reward. By traveling in this car, your sims will quickly have all their motives filled up. Every single one. And it doesn't only work for your current household. Any sim who travels in the car will have his or her motives refilled. Got a date? Go out with the Motive Mobile. Your date will be fulfilled.
  • The "Age Freeze" and "Young Again" potions do exactly what their names imply (the former can only be used on teen and up while the latter is only for young adult and up). Both are available as lifetime rewards (and are among the most expensive ones), but Young Again can also be crafted at a Catalyst Chemistry Lab Station by a Sim who has maxed out their Logic skill and researched all the potions; you gain a free potion when you successfully discover it, and those potions are only crafted through money unlike the Alchemy ones.
  • Another one crafted with the Catalyst Chemistry Labe Station. The "Ninja Vanish" potion allows to instantly teleport back home. It is cheap (§250 or §187 once you gained the discount for chemistry potions) and can be rearched once you raised Logic to 8.


  • The cats. You can catch a bunch of useful things to sell with them once they've gotten to a certain skill level, they can feed themselves by eating certain things they catch once their Hunger bar is low enough, getting enough Happiness Points for them allows you to get a reward so that they can clean themselves without throwing up a hairball and losing your queued commands (Never Nauseous), and so on. Once they've been trained enough, you can easily become rich with their power. Cats also have some easy wishes to fulfill, like surveying from a cat condo, so it's pretty easy to get points with them.
  • The above can also be accomplished with dogs, which have the benefit of finding gems, rocks and metals, which are generally far more valuable than the creatures cats catch. The downside is that they can't clean themselves, so they require a bit more maintenance until you give them the Pet Hygienator lifetime reward, with which they can easily clean themselves.


  • The magic lamp summons a genie. He will then proceed to give you Three Wishes. While the magic lamp can be a rare random find, you can also buy it for 30,000 Lifetime Happiness points, which isn't terribly hard to earn over time. This has several qualities that can be game breaking. For instance...
    • One of the things that you can wish for is "Fortune". This will give you §100,000 instantly, at the cost of one wish, and is repeatable. You read that right: for every 30,000 Lifetime Happiness points you get, you can get an easy 300 grand.
    • You can also wish for happiness, which results into a permanent +25 positive moodlet.
    • Another thing you can wish for is to free the genie. After performing the necessary ritual, which isn't hard at all, the genie becomes a member of the household and can be controlled. This can lead to even more game breaking, especially since there aren't any limitations to their power (nor Mana Meter neither "one use per day" condition):
      • The Genie will be able to magically clean any Sim, as well as the whole house, instantly, whenever you want.
      • The Genie can also instantly conjure as much food as you want for free (and not a single plate for one Sim, but the equivalent of several meals at once). How does perfect-quality Lobster Thermidor every day for dinner for free sound?
      • Perhaps most game breaking of all, you can also "ensorcel" any Sim on the lot, giving you control over him or her for 4 game hours. This can of course be extended by doing so repeatedly. Once a Sim is ensorcelled, you can access their inventory to take and sell their stuff. Since many visiting Sims keep their car in their inventory, this can be especially game breaking.


  • Once you got Bonehilda, it would efficiently remove all worries about cleanliness, repair and so on, freeing Sims time much more for other goals.
  • The Alchemy skill allows anyone with the right ingredients and enough skill to make some truly game-breaking potions. There are potions to refill and freeze your Sims' fun/social or energy motives, increase random skills by one level the next time they sleep, or even drop them back to Young Adults instantly. Even money becomes a non-issue with the Touch of Midas potion, which allows your Sim to turn anything into gold and double its value.
    • The Potent Invigorating Elixir entirely fills the Energy need, and locks it for 24 hours. Remember the aforementioned astronaut job, which main drawback (working from 7 a.m. to 1 a.m. the next day) made you lose half of the next day because your Sim really needed to sleep? Drink one before going to work and it will no longer be an issue, and you'll even gain free time for the next night.
    • The Wish Enhancing Serum doubles the lifetime happiness points awarded by completing wishes. Including Lifetime Wishes...
  • Witches are essentially average Sims but with game-breaking spells. Specifically, they can conjure apples, giving them free food at any place and time, and convert those apples with the Conversion Ritual spell, giving them a source of free income as they convert them into rare and valuable objects. They can also ride broomsticks, which are much cheaper than cars and almost as fast, and learn the already game-breaking Alchemy skill at twice the rate. In a less flashy way, they also have charms which allow them to instantly feed and clean themselves, and can remove a wide variety of negative moodlets later on. Their only downside is that, unlike other occult factions, they live as long as the average Sim.
    • At level 1, witches get access to a good luck charm, making the Lucky trait entirely redundant. They can apply this to themselves and others, the +5 Feeling Lucky moodlet lasts 24 hours, and generally makes a Sim better at most tasks.
    • Witches can upgrade items magically once they are at level 3 spell-casting. Not only is this significantly faster than upgrading with the handiness skill (taking around 1 hour as opposed to several), all of the upgrades are given to you instantly (with the exception of the doorbell).
    • On a more mundane level, witches can cast ice blast. This lets them extinguish fires & burning Sims. It also lets them break plumbing objects to allow the completion of the handiness challenge that makes objects repaired by a sims become unbreakable.
  • Select a witch, summon an apple, craft a Vial of Bliss with the Alchemy Station, sell it. Rinse and repeat. Congratulation, you have discovered an easy waynote  to gain infinite money while raising a Sim's fun need. And that's before you master the skill well enough to brew up to three potions at the same time or regain some ingredients.
  • Vampires live much longer than normal Sims, regain energy faster if they sleep in their coffin, have some telepathic powers, and their skills progress faster during the night. Their weakness to sunlight can be countered with potions, isn't much of a drawback if you play a Sim who stays at home much of their time, and can be permanently cancelled if you buy the Immortal Lifetime Reward, which also stop them from ageing and is twice cheaper than Age Freeze.
  • The gem cutter costs only 975, and completely removes the cost of cutting gems, while also providing gem dust for potions and conversion rituals. However, it does wake up every sim in the house, though this can easily be avoided by using the gem cutter in the alchemy store.
  • The Elixir Consignment shop comes with two beehives (and the bees are always at max happiness, so they provide the best honey and wax), several spawners of rare bugs and gems, as well as an alchemy station and a gem cutting machine. The bees and spawners are essentially free money and the equipment is free to use so Sims have no need to by their own except for convenience. And as mentioned above the gem cutter won't wake up sleeping Sims, unlike one kept in your house.


  • There's a holiday in each season's last week, you don't work but still earn a salary. With the default settings, seasons last seven days with a holiday every thursdaynote , which basically adds a free day every week.

University Life

  • The Science skill allows anyone with enough skill to duplicate most things. Because using the Group Science Project correctly would make some ores fall from the sky, and at least one of these ores could be a precious high-priced ore. Send it to be smelted, and your Sim(s) now have mostly infinite amount of cashes.
  • The Business career described earlier becomes even easier with University Life. When a Sim gets a major in Business, they can then start a Business career with various positive effects which efficiency depends on the grade obtained. With the best grade, you immediately start in Business at level 4 of the career, with 150 percent higher wages, and a performance boost (the lowest grade still gives interesting effects: +25% wages and a performance boost, though you'll start as a level 1 employee).
  • To all of those people who Min Max their characters, they will have figured out the perfect blend of traits... And then University Life comes around and gives you the ability to earn another two trait slots. One of them requires to graduate in college. The other one requires to reach level 8 in a new skill related to influence over one of three social groups; gaining this influence requires either performing tedious actions (playing video games for the Nerds, doing street art drawings for the Rebels...) or buying influence through the Lifetime Reward menu, which is cheap and repeatable (one new trait slot for less than 10,000 Lifetime Happiness points).
  • With the Ambitious trait, you have a chance to gain the wish of graduating, which grants more than 5,000 Lifetime Happiness points. After graduating once, you'll receive this wish again, but with a even higher reward...

Into the Future

  • The expansion pack includes plumbots you can use as a butler/maid which is basically a robotic Bonehilda. Once you have a high enough bot building skill for each, you can also craft personality chips for them, many of which grant them max level skills, along with abilities like solar charging.
  • The Limited Edition has the Quantum Power Chamber, which maxes all motives and freezes aging while your Sim is in it, and with only a minor negative moodlet as a side effect. It can also equip your Sim with a suit that can teleport them to any community lot in the neighborhood.
  • You can check lotto records in the future courthouse (it doesn't always work, but you can just try again immediately). This guarantees you to win at least five thousand when you next buy a lottery ticket in the present, and greatly increases your chances of winning a higher prize. Since the time machine will appear when you first move in, it's possible to win a million simoleons on your first day. And if the prize isn't good enough, you can simply do it again as much as you want. Further, the advanced technology skill you learn with future items increases your prize, so you can potentially win three million at skill level ten.
  • The Food Synthesizer like the genie from Showtime allows you to have any food you want, and it doesn't require a somewhat lengthy quest chain to free the genie, only a one-time fee of a few thousand Simoleons (which is less than some of the cookers and fridges). The downside is that the food is only average quality, but you can upgrade the synthesizer later on to make them better. No more grocery costs? Check. No more risk of burning the house down? Check.
    • The Food Synthesizer also completely blows the similar-sounding-but-different Food Replicator (a Lifetime Reward that can be obtained for 50,000 points) out of the water. It's cheaper, much easier to get, doesn't require a dish to first be prepared the traditional way to clone it, and doesn't have the risk of the food spoiling (the food quality is tied to the dish that you use to clone, so when that spoils the stuff in the replicator spoils too).

The Sims 3 Store

  • Dragon Valley: The dragons are all but legitimized cheat items. You can sell the hatched dragons for more than the cost of the egg, each dragon colour provides a unique moodlet when interacted with that refills and prevents the decay of two needs, and each dragon type can be talked with to boost a single skill up to max effortlessly, among many other effects unique to each dragon type.
  • The Plants Vs. Zombies Sunflower produces sun every so often, which was intended to be used as fertilizer in the Swift Gro Gardening Station, another store item, but can also be sold for 100 Simoleons. There's no restriction to prevent players from abusing the ability to sell the sun by purchasing a large amount of Sunflowers and thus selling massive batches of sun for thousands of Simoleons at a time. This is on top of Sims being able to dance to the Sunflower to increase their Fun mood level quickly.

Gamebreakers involving combination of several expansion packs

  • University Life and World Adventures add new instanced worlds, which can be taken advantage ofnote .
    • Being in those sub-worlds freezes ageing, which allows to train skills or craft items without aging, thus gaining time in the main world; it also gives more longevity to the elders.
    • The Genie's wish counter resets each time you travel to a sub-world or back to the main world with a Genie lamp. Did we mentioned that the wish of getting 100,000 Simoleons is repeatable? As long as you didn't use three wishes in a row in the same world, you basically have infinite money.
    • Bills are only received in the main world and their timer freeze when in a sub-world.
  • The "Unlucky" trait prevents he afflicted Sim to die of any other cause than old agenote . There are two lifetime awards which stop a Sim from ageing: buying the "Immortal" lifetime award for vampire Sims, or buying and drinking the Age Freeze potion for non-vampire Sims (Generations). A Sim with both the "Unlucky" trait and either of those lifetime awards become totally immune to death.
  • Supernatural and World Adventures allow witches and werewolves to find Tiberium, the most profitable collectable in the entire game when processed correctly. Pets also adds dogs who can dig it up, though it's a lot more time-consuming and rare for a dog to find Tiberium than a witch or werewolf. When cut into a Spire Cut and left on its own for a couple of in-game days, Tiberium will eventually grow into a Large Spire Cut, which is worth around §40,000. The main drawback of this used to be that it used to cost §6,500 to cut, however, the gem cutter from Supernatural completely removes this while also producing gem dust, which can also grow into a Large Spire Cut. A Sim with the Gatherer trait (which was also introduced in Supernatural) can get up to six pieces of gem dust, all of which will eventually grow. In this way, it's possible to get around §280,000 from a single conversion ritual.
  • The Gem-Cutter from Supernatural produces a cut gem, along with 1-4 gem dust as a byproduct. World Adventures adds Transfiguration, which allows you to turn worthless gems into large Soulpeace gems, so long as you have 5 different types of gem and more than one type of cut. Gem dust counts as a type of cut. Combining these allows you to easily churn out large Soulpeace gems (which can easily fetch 15-20k each).
  • Arguably though, the breaker to end all breakers is the Science skill from University Life. Specifically, the ability to clone collectibles. Even without elaboration, this sounds utterly obscene. However, it gets even more so when combined with the Gem-Cutter from Supernatural. Tiberium, when left to its own devices, will grow into a large spire (Worth 30-45k). Gem Cutters tend to create both a cut gem and a few dusts. All of these expand into large spires. So for each gem ore, you can create 90-135k. The kicker, though? You can clone the ore. The analysis and cloning procedure takes about an hour for each piece of Tiberium, so you can, quite literally, just do this multiple times and leave yourself with a huge field of Tiberium growing into huge money-gaining clusters. Lore implications notwithstanding, the only drawback to this is the utter cacophony of pinging noises a field Tiberium gives off.
  • Once the playable Sims are sent to college, the point of University Life is maintain basic needs while studying, since academic performance drops when you're doing anything else (eating, sleeping, washing yourself, going to courses/exams...). However, the difficulty of balancing both tasks completely diseappears if you use contents from other DLCs:
    • World Adventures: A sufficiently trained martial artist is able to almost instantly teleport, saving time to travel to another place on the campus.
    • Generations: The Ninja Vanish potion, accessible at Logic level 9, is another teleport ability (only works to home, though).
    • Supernatural: The most broken of them. Every witch is able to summon apples (free food at will), high level witches have spells which instantly fill their bladder, hygiene, and hunger meters. Also, there's alchemy's elixir, which have effects like freezing the energy meter (Invigorating and Potent Invigorating), or filling fun and social meters at once (Bliss and Potent Bliss). Contrary to witch magic, alchemy can be learnt by everyone, and elixirs can also be bought in stores.
    • Showtime: Genies can summon meals at will and have an ability which allows them to instantly and entirely wash any Sim. Contrary to witch spells and charms, genies have no mana meter, those ability can't fail, and the casting time is shorter.
  • Similarly, Supernatural is very useful when travelling abroad. Fairies can use the Fairy House and Fairy Castle like a tent, which also gives them pollen punch as a free food source and mood boost. Fairy auras can also be used to boost mood. Witches are even more useful, because of their Hygiene, Hunger and Bladder charms and their ability to conjure apples as a food source. And as always, elixirs are invaluable, especially the Invigorating elixir as it prevents you from wasting precious time by sleeping. The Jar of Friendship (and the witches' love charm) is also useful for the adventures where you need to convince a local Sim to do something.
  • The Strong Stomach lifetime reward from Island Paradise is very beneficial if you also own Ambitions because it eliminates the Nauseous moodlet from the Floor Hygienator backfiring and only costs 2000 LHP, making it one of the cheapest rewards available.

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