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The Initiation

  • Gaston, on being Chelsea's partner? "SONOFABITCH!"
  • The various mishaps that Jack and Lucas get into is pretty amusing, in a Black Comedy sort of way, double points as the GM just starts to care less and less as he narrates how they go from one situation to the next.

First Day Of School

  • The entire first morning of school, really. Characters are tripping over each other, causing messes and awkward situations.
    • And Remus sleeps through the whole thing, and then Jack almost set his bed on fire to wake him up.
  • Foooooood Fiiiiiiiiiight!

Rite of Passage

  • Remus and Chelsea' First Kiss occurs because she was knocked out by a tranquilizer arrow, slid down a slide of ice Remus made to catch here, and then she fell out right onto him. And this all occurred in front of Seth, who pulled his guns on Remus after falling right into speaking Angrish.
  • Ayers isn't fazed about the punishment at all. In fact, all it ends up doing is making him homesick!



  • The drunken shenanigans that went on after a failed attempt at a movie night on Crystallum 20th. Almost everyone except Stormer, Pius, Lucas, Jack, Yun, Glen, Cyanea, and Alfred was hammered during the event, as hilarity ensued.

Running gags:


Randomness on the Discussion thread

Quotes from the Illumination of Solus

  • "It's fine if you don't agree with us. Just go disagree with us from a reasonable distance away."
  • On the subject of fighting, which is most certainly not a euphemism:
    • "The pointy end goes in first."
    • "It can ruin lives if unplanned and without proper precautions."

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