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Nightmare Fuel / Welcome To Beacon Ultimate

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  • The utterly horrifying Death World Remnant is implied to be for mankind before the discovery of Dust. Titanic Grimm like Kurira and the Behe-Mammoth roamed the planet, civilization was almost overrun before it really began, and mankind barely held its own as a species before they fought back with the discovery of Dust.
  • Jack vs Gaston, the sheer amount of punishment that those two put each other through.
  • The entirety of the Weapon Girls' backstory. What has been done to them is utterly horrific, and everyone reacts to it as the Arc Villain's Moral Event Horizon.
    • Alice herself is pretty scary. Especially when she loses it, which is when she becomes a one-woman army, takes on a whole team by herself, and can have the very real possibility of winning and choking her enemies to death.
  • The extreme methods of Arcana, an organization seemingly dedicated to bringing down the Vale monarchy.
    • The Devil's Semblance, which preys on its victims' insecurities and dark secrets, reducing them to a blubbering mess.
    • Magician and Star's sadistic torture video, which culminates in the death of three innocent people and a crossing of the Moral Event Horizon, and the fact that Chariot was complicit in the filming of said video.

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