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Funny moments in Water Under the Bridge.

  • The entire fist chapter is basically a great big reference to Super Troopers. Bonus points for one of Judy's nicknames actually being 'Rabbit'
    Nick: *sniffs* You smell something, Rabbit?
    Judy: *nods* Fear.
  • The Running Gag behind the Portmanteau Couple Name "Wildehopps." Any conversation, no matter how serious or banal, whether it be between heroes or villains or both, and no matter how professional the speakers themselves are, will go completely off the rails as soon as the name is spoken. This even happens with the unseen and very serious Big Bad.
    • They all follow the same pattern. Once "Wildehopps" is mentioned, the person who never heard it before comments on how it sounds like a restaurant, brew-pub, cafe, bakery, etc. They then proceed to describe in great detail the type of menu items said establishment would serve.
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  • Judy's and Nick's rematch of Fatal Fight V: Fangs Forever, with Bucky and Pronk overhearing:
    Nick: Mercy, Hopps! Mercy!
    Judy: You love it!
    Nick: No… no! No! No!
    Judy: Bite the pillow, Sly, I’m going in dry!
    Nick: *screams*
    Bucky: D’you think they’re messing with us?
    Pronk: Please! If they actually were going at it, Judy would wreck that fox. He wouldn’t even be saying words.


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