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Heartwarming / Water Under the Bridge

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For all the heartwarming moments in Water Under the Bridge.

  • When Nick and Judy hang out after a long day, they crack a few blueberry beers, talk about their problems, and play an old fighting game. Judy even invites Nick to head out to Bunny Burrow with her. It's just heartwarming to see how well they get along as friends.
  • In chapter 5, when Richie opens up to Judy as to why he trusts her enough to sell out his teammates. It's heartwarming to hear a career criminal of his caliber took the message of the original movie to heart.
    Judy: Why do you trust me, Richie?
    Richie: Honestly? I don’t know. Maybe it’s because you came here and changed things despite being so small, maybe it’s because you didn’t let what are keep you low, or maybe it’s because…well, I wanted to be a cop, once upon a time. But, ah, things, well, they didn’t pan out that way.
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  • Chief Bogo's Father to His Men status extends to a certain annoying bunny and fox duo, as seen when he has to console Judy when Nick is in a coma from his fight with Grigori. She then gives him a hug and he gets all gruff and adorkable and it's so very sweet.


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