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Heartwarming / War of the Biju

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  • Naruto and Hinata, but that's only to be expected.
    • Unlike in canon, where Hinata stood by the sidelines crying in relief that Naruto was alright, she goes with Kakashi to take Naruto back to Konoha after he manages to convince Nagato to believe in him. Naruto then thanks her for saving his life.
    • After hugging Naruto in relief and gratitude, Sakura gives a small nudge to Hinata. She falls...and Naruto catches her. Cue all of Konoha cheering them on.
    • Naruto and Hinata gradually become closer as the reconstruction efforts begin and they start working together. After learning that Hinata really did mean it when she said she loved him, Naruto tells her that he doesn't know how he feels, and it will take time for him to sort it out. Hinata is not offended; she tells him to take as long as he needs, as she's waited this long and there's no harm in waiting a little bit longer.
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    • When Naruto returns to Konoha after the Kage Summit, the entire village went out to greet him. Afterwards, Hinata accompanies him to his new office and assists him during his first day as Hokage.
    • Right before they depart for the Island Turtle, Hinata gifts Naruto the Shodai Hokage's necklace, which she painstakingly reconstructed by hand for him. Naruto is so touched that he hugs her in response, signifying the start of their relationship.
    • After meeting Dark Naruto and feeling doubt that he can defeat the darkness in his soul, Hinata reaffirms to him that he can.
    • When he meets his mother in his mindscape during his battle with Kurama, Naruto tells her about Hinata, commenting happily on how she likes him just the way he is. Later on, it's his memory of both his mother's love and Hinata's that gives him the strength to keep fighting.
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    • After a day of training, Hinata prepares a meal and she and Naruto eat together. After a brief talk over the war to come, and Naruto reaffirming his faith in Hinata, remembering how she saved him from Pein, they have their First Kiss. Afterwards, Hinata falls asleep in Naruto's arms. Kurotsuchi, who is about enter the kitchen and dining room, sees them together, and suggests to her brother Akatsuchi that they Leave the Two Lovebirds Alone.
  • After Gaara saves her from Madara, Konan thanks him and apologizes to him for all the pain she caused him as a member of the Akatsuki. Gaara waves it off, telling her that if Naruto trusts her, then he has no reason to hold a grudge.
  • After the battle with Kabuto at the Island Turtle, Hinata and Kurotsuchi strike up a friendship that continues on to the battlefield when they find out that they're in the same division together.
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  • Hiashi's last talk with Hinata and Neji, where he tells them that they don't have to bow towards him anymore, as they are now equals. He then reaffirms how proud he is of both of them, having surpassed him and for everything they've accomplished. Then, as his Dying Moment of Awesome, he releases the entire Branch House from the Caged Bird Seal, uniting the Hyuga Clan as one, and in his final letter to his eldest daughter, he tells Hinata that he loves her.
  • After defeating Edo Tensei!Nagato, Itachi, without a doubt one of the most loyal shinobi in Konoha's history, goes down on one knee before Naruto, acknowledging him as his Hokage.

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