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  • After years of hard work and suffering, Naruto finally becomes Hokage.
    • Shikaku gets points too for outmaneuvering Danzo in order to make this happen. He knew Naruto would be the outlier for all three candidates due to his age, which would pique the Daimyo's interest. The Daimyo questioned his recommendation, at which point Shikaku revealed his trump card: Naruto's heritage. That was checkmate; the Daimyo cemented his choice then and there, and Danzo knew that if he used Shisui's Sharingan to subvert the proceedings after the Daimyo was so clearly interested in Naruto, people would immediately start asking questions, leaving him no choice but to support Naruto as Hokage.
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    • Right before the Kage Summit, in front of all of Konoha, Naruto declares that, from now on, he protects this village. The crowd erupts in cheers.
  • At the Kage Summit, Naruto calls out Onoki on his attitude towards jinchuriki, winning A's respect much earlier than he did in canon. Thus, when Mifune recommends Naruto for the Supreme Leader of the Allied Shinobi Forces, both Gaara and A support him.
    • When Sasuke arrives at the Kage Summit, Neji beats his ass around easily before A takes over. After that, Naruto defeats Sasuke using a Senjutsu-amplified Rasenshuriken, and would've fulfilled his promise to return Sasuke to Konoha then and there had it not been for Tobi.
    • When Tobi recovers Sasuke, Naruto goes after him, and manages to land a hit on him, breaking his mask. Tobi commends him for this feat, now recognizing why Naruto has been such a Spanner in the Works for his plans.
    • All of the above has proven Naruto to the rest of the Kage and to Mifune, who agree to name both him and Konoha as the head of the Allied Shinobi Forces.
  • After Naruto's return from the Kage Summit, Sakura outright demands training from Kakashi, refusing to be on the sidelines when Naruto inevitably confronts Sasuke. When Kakashi looks hesitant, she starts guilt tripping him.
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  • Naruto teaches the Rasengan to both Hinata and Tenko, who manage to master it even faster than he did.
  • Naruto's battle with Kurama.
    • After reaffirming her faith in Naruto when he goes to face off against Kurama, Hinata awakens a new form of the Byakugan — the Keihatsu Byakugan.
    • Several moments during the Adaptation Expansion of the Kyuubi Attack.
      • Both Jiraiya and Orochimaru summon Gamahiro and Manda to hold off Kurama as they wait for Minato to intervene.
      • A kid Tenzo/Yamato uses his Mokuton to try and hold Kurama back.
      • A teenage Kakashi outright slams his Chidori into the Kyuubi's face. It didn't do squat, but it fulfilled its purpose: a distraction, so a teenage Gai can activate the Seventh Gate and start throwing fireballs at him.
  • After defeating Kurama and taking control of his chakra, Naruto immediately senses Kisame, forcing him out of hiding.
    • Kisame tries to take Hinata hostage, only for Keihatsu Byakugan to activate and form a Kaiten without spinning.
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    • During the battle, Hinata applies the first and second steps of the Rasengan to form a new technique: a spinning spear around her hand, called the Rasenyari! Motoi immediately recognizes it as the Sandaime Raikage's Nukite, (considered the "ultimate offense") — meaning Hinata unwittingly recreated the main offensive technique of the strongest Raikage in history.
  • The War Preparations:
    • Hinata defeats the son of the man who tried to kidnap her all those years ago, after he tries to take her eyes to succeed where he failed. Rather than taking his life, however, she lets him live, recognizing that they need able body when the war inevitably starts.
    • During Onoki and Mei's battle with Kabuto and Deidara, Kabuto summons Hanzo, the man who defeated and named the Sannin, as the latter's opponent. Mei manages to push Hanzo far enough to use his ultimate technique, a figure reminiscent of the Sharingan's Susano'o, Ame's guardian War god Hachiman.
    • The rest take on Kabuto. Tenko summons Gamabunta, who reveals that he managed to master Sage Mode!
    • Konan puts up an even better fight against Tobi than she did in canon (which is saying a lot) — she assembles a blade using her paper ninjutsu and attacks him with it. She's so persistent in fact, that Tobi is forced to use Chomei, the Nanabi and the strongest Biju in his possession, to attack Ame and distract Konan long enough to win the fight and hypnotize the location of Nagato's body out of her.
    • Just as Tobi is about to kill Konan and destroy Ame, Gaara and Tsunade go Big Damn Heroes and arrive to stop him. Gaara takes him on and forces him to retreat, while Tsunade handles the Biju by herself.
      • Gaara manages to be the third person to land a hit on Tobi, after Naruto and Konan, sending several Sand Bullets after him. Just when he's phased them away using Kamui, he immediately detonates them, causing them to explode and harm his body.
      • Tsunade deals several major blows to Chomei, and at one point has to regenerate one of her arms and both her legs. The battle ends when Tsunade manages to paralyze her using Raiton: Ikazuchi Ryu, grabs her by the tail, and starts ragdolling her around, slamming her on to the ground over and over again. By the time she's done, Chomei is so damaged that she's forced to reverse summon herself away.
    • Kabuto summons even more of the deceased than he did in canon, including every deceased Kage in history (barring, of course, the Hokage), Uchiha Fugaku, and deceased Jinchuriki such as Uzumaki Mito and the previous Jinchuriki of Gyuki before Bee, his cousin Killer Kai.
  • The First Battles of the War
    • Hinata takes on and manages to beat Fugaku, who has the Mangekyo Sharingan. She even activates two of her Keihatsu Byakugan's abilities: its Kagami Do (Mirror Eye), which allows her to reflect any genjutsu (even one using the Sharingan) back onto the caster, and her eyes' own form of the Susano'o, summoning one the Hyuuga Clan's guardian deities, Hoderi-no-Mikoto.
    • Neji takes on Kimimaro, revealing he has mastered Gai and Lee's Goken to the point that he can activate five of the Eight Gates. Combine that with his Jyuken mastery, and it's no question he's the strongest Hyuuga on the battlefield, defeating his opponent while he was in the second form of his Cursed Seal.
    • Shino and Kiba to defeat the former head of Iwa's Steam Corps, who was trusted enough to keep Han, the jinchuriki of the Gobi, under control.
    • The Commando Units of both armies face off. Kankuro and co., thanks to some quick thinking and teamwork, manage to defeat and neutralize Sasori quickly.
    • Hana Takes the Bullet to save her little brother Kiba's life, and bequeaths to him ownership of the Haimaru Brothers. Kiba's about to go on an Unstoppable Rage with Akamaru, only to be stopped by Shino so he can get healed. Shino then goes Not So Stoic and goes on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge in his place.
    • Sai finally fights his brother Shin, and defeats him. Shin smiles, and thinks to himself how happy he is to know that his little brother has finally surpassed him.
  • Battle of the Mist:
    • Sakura has managed to create her own combat seal that surpasses Tsunade's: the Byakugo no In. It allows her to use both the Sozo Saisei and Byakugo no Jutsu at the same time, and since she doesn't need to focus on keeping her appearance young, she can use it for far longer than Tsunade. A flashback then goes on to show that just like Naruto, she has surpassed both her teachers: Kakashi and Tsunade — making her the strongest kunoichi in the world.
    • Lee opens six of the Gates and defeats Gari, the former leader of the Blast Corps.
    • Yagura is revived, and after the battle turns to the Alliance's favor, Kabuto forces him to activate his biju's abilities, transforming him into his Version Two state. Nothing makes a dent through him, not even Kakashi's Rakiri.
    • Lee opens the Seventh Gate, and defeats two of the Seven Swordsman by himself.
    • Sakura defeats Ameyuri Ringo and claims the Kiba swords for herself. Then, with the aid of Kakashi and an Iwa shinobi named Monga, they manage to defeat a fully transformed Yagura, much to Kabuto's disbelief and ire.
  • After being confronted by Kakuzu and Itachi, knowing full well he's outmatched, Hiashi Hyuga Does Not Go Gentle. He manages to take out two of Kakuzu's hearts, and with his last breath, as his Dying Moment of Awesome, he releases the Branch House from the Caged Bird Seal and names Hinata as Clan Head.
  • The Battle of Lightning Coast:
    • A powers up his Lightning Armor and takes out Deidara, improving morale for the troops who are in awe of his strength.
    • Tenten's Special Ninja Armor. With it, she equals Neji and Lee and Taijutsu and has a chakra transfer system that allows her to use ninjutsu in conjunction with it. And to think she's the weakest of the Konoha 12.
    • Tenko, after the Kin Gin brothers manage to take out half of the First Division, takes them both on. Even with the death of Choza and the lost battle, he managed to score a decisive victory, sealing Ginkaku using one of the Rikudo Sennin's weapons and defeating Kinkaku, even sealing Kurama's chakra within himself. He doesn't do it alone, either — he's aided by Team Ten, who help using a new formation of the Ino-Shika-Cho to seal Kinkaku away.
  • During the 26th Chapter, Naruto uses Kyuubi Sage Mode and shows up on the water sensing Globe as his own entity, and oroceeds to wipe the floor with Ultimate the Third Raikage, outpacing and overpowering an opponent who in canon needed to be tricked into losing.
  • The Battle of Lighting Ridge:
    • During his battle with Shikuro, Shino reveals that he managed to take control of every type of bug under the control of the Aburame Clan, a feat that is unheard of.
    • Kiba defeats his grandfather Tataima and awakens the true form of the Senpu Roga.
    • Hinata defeats her father Hiashi by combining her Juho: Soshi with Jyuken, and then with the Rasengan. Afterwards, she's so enraged by how the Edo Tensei forced her father and uncle to fight against her and Neji in such a fashion, that she evolves her Hoderi-no-Mikoto.
    • Hizashi developed a Raiton technique to improve his Jyuken, and the speed he gained from it made him the fastest shinobi on the planet that wasn't Minato or A. Neji, proving how great of a genius he is, manages to learn and master that technique during their battle.
    • During his battle with his father Choza, Choji finally masters the Akimichi Clan's ultimate technique, managing to form his chakra butterfly wings without using the red pill.
    • Shikamaru and Ino tag-team Asuma, and both managed to master their Sensei's Hien technique and even defeat him using it!
    • Tenten continues her duel with Dan Kato from the previous battle, and manages to seal him entirely on her own.

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