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With an app dedicated entirely to making short comedic videos, it was bound to get hillarious. Viners with their own pages should have their moments put there instead.

  • Parodying a popular porno trope
    Shirtless Delivery Guy: Did someone order a big sausage pizza?
    Woman (seductively): I did, but I don't have any money [wink]
    Delivery guy: Then why the fuck did you order-
  • This one that ends with a rather psychotic Aside Glance:
    911 Operator: Emergency?
    Caller: Somebody at our prom has been killed, please help!
    911 Operator: All right. Well, calm down, we don't want a Panic! at the Disco. Heh.
    [Stares into the camera as "I Write Sins Not Tragedies" begins playing]
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  • This Serious Business insult.
    Man: How's it feel to be the worst cop ever, huh?
    Cop: Shut up your mother buys you megablocks instead of Legos
    Man: You fuckin take that back

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