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  • Episode 3: Eleking randomly exploding after dying and getting decapitated.
  • In Episode 8, the fact that Ultra Seven and Metron somehow have the power to stay in midair for several seconds as the Ultra Garrison ships speed to attack. They only resume fighting when the ships pass.
  • In Ep. 9, Furuhashi is patrolling the streets when a girl walks in front of the car. When she asks if he's Dan Moroboshi, he says yes and shakes her hand, only to be zapped. His teammates had a laugh about it, especially Dan.
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  • In Episode 20, everyone's afraid to visit that old curmudgeon of a seismologist. He's just rude!
  • In Ep. 24, Windam is hypnotized and attacks Dan. Dan transforms and literally wears Windam down to snap him out of it.
  • At the beginning of the same episode, Furuhashi drives off ditching his sister when he found out his mom wasn't really sick. He flew all the way to Hokkaido for that.
  • The Cinar dub of Episode 39 has a hilarious Stay in the Kitchen reaction from Dan to Anne (called Donna in the dub) trying to shoot the Guts aliens (as opposed to calling the Ultra Garrison from the car and ducking for cover).
    Dan: You're embarrassing me in front of the aliens, Donna!
  • In "Super Weapon R-1", Starbem Gyeron is doing a little celebratory dance in what seems to be an abandoned graveyard. He just evaded the Ultra Garrison on his way from his doomed home world.
  • In "The Targeted Town", when Furuhashi goes postal, Amagi is waiting for the right moment to knock him down with a white stick.
    • Later in the same episode, Dan got hit in the face when Alien Metron opened the door.
  • Watch Dan's face at the very end of "Project Blue".

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