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  • "Heartbreakers Beach Party" .... YEAH!
  • These two Q&A's with Heartbreaker Benmont Tench: [1] [2]
    How will you and/or the Heartbreakers be celebrating the new millennium?
    Ask me on January 2nd.
    Are there any places you would love to play that have a huge organ?
    Come again?
  • Tom said, during a concert that was being broadcast on the radio, "If you're listening on the radio, none of us have any pants on." Also, on the 2001 tour, he at least once told concert audiences that he was "very tan and young."
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  • Tom's mock "breakdowns" during ... well, "Breakdown."
  • Apparently, he and Bruce Springsteen were billed at the 1979 No Nukes benefit concert against the use of nuclear energy in the wake of the Three Mile Island meltdown. Petty was told by his manager backstage that when Petty got onstage, the crowd would not be yelling "Boooo!!!" at him, but "Bruuuuuuuce!!!" for Springsteen. Petty would quip back to the manager, "Well, what's the difference?!"
  • After his friend (and fellow Traveling Wilbury) George Harrison was injured and taken to hospital after a near-fatal encounter in 1999 with a Loony Fan who broke into Harrison's estate and stabbed Harrison repeatedly in bed, puncturing one lung and causing head injuries — a situation that was thwarted by his wife Olivia smashing the intruder with a nearby poker and a lamp, Petty reportedly sent George a "get well soon" card with the note, "Aren't you glad you married a Mexican woman?"

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