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Funny / The Wizard of Speed and Time

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  • Bookman's hired thugs are the source of some of the funniest moments in the film.
    • As the two are first putting on their policeman costumes:
      Canadian Thug: I dunno about this, eh. I mean, isn't it illegal to impregnate an officer?
    • When they're driving their prop car out of the studio:
      Canadian Thug: Like, I don't know how to drive a stick, eh.
      Mexican Thug: This is automatic!
      Canadian Thug: Then how come it isn't driving itself?
      Mexican Thug: Where did you learn how to drive anyway?
      Canadian Thug: The Autopia at Disneyland.
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    • During the chase scene:
      Mexican Thug: Vamanos! Vamanos! Can't you speak English?!
      Canadian Thug: I'm Canadian, eh.
      Mexican Thug: Well, in that case: Mush!
  • The Epic Fail of trying to hide the camera equipment from a patrol helicopter when the crew is asked to show their filming permit.
    Pilot: Gee, whiz, they just disappeared. I'd better go down and look for 'em. Maybe I'll land on that giant, green, plastic rock!
  • The Chase Scene ends with Bookman's thugs getting arrested after they accidentally drive onto a shoot for a prison escape sequence that is incredibly over-the-top with the escapee Chewing the Scenery as nearly every guard unleashes More Dakka on him. At the end, after the real police have arrested the thugs, the director's next order is completely deadpan.
    Director: Could we try it again? With a little more feeling.

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