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Awesome / The Wizard of Speed and Time

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  • After being rejected for the Doctor Magic series, Mike returns to Dora Belair's office and lets her in on his knowing about her fling with the producer. It can also be considered the Establishing Character Moment for "The Wizard."
    Dora: How did you know that?!
    Mike: It's a special effect.
  • The entire Leave the Camera Running sequence as described on the main page. Even when Mike gets out of the water, he is in full Tranquil Fury mode at Bookman rather than gasping for air, throws Bookman into the pool, and seemingly teleports away.
    Harvey: Hey, that was pretty neat! How'd you do that? Was it a special effect?
    Mike: Find out!
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  • Jittlov pulling one over on Bookman and coming out ahead for the first time in the movie. From Mike's excited, "Yee-haw!" after switching the films all the way to getting to see his and Brian's names in the credits for the special after basically forcing Bookman to pay them in full and in cash.
    Brian: Our film's gone... our money's gone... What are we going to do now?
    Mike: [pulls the film reels out of his pockets with a huge grin on his face] I already did it.
  • C.C. de Schwartz firing Harvey after revealing the paper trail Harvey had left that led back to him after his hired thugs get arrested. Not only does it provide some much-needed karma for Harvey, but very likely also saved Hollywood Studios from a lot of legal ramifications due to Harvey's position.

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