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Funny / The Tomorrow War

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  • Dan Forester teaches a high school science class, and asks the class if there's anything the class wants to talk about. Martin, one of the students, is the only kid to raise his hand, but Dan avoids calling on him. We soon find out why: he's obsessed with ancient volcanoes, and it's clear that the entire class is tired of hearing him gush over them.
    Dan: Class, what does Martin want to talk about?
    Class: (in weary unison) Ancient volcanos.
  • The monsters being named "Whitespikes" may count due to how bluntly straightforward the name is.
  • Muri is digging in the ground, looking for 'vaccines' because she learned that the tuberculosis vaccines were discovered in germs in the dirt. Dan shows her how to dig properly with a shovel, but accidentally cuts a cable that wasn't buried deep enough in the ground while doing so. He offers to pay Muri 10 dollars if she tells her mother that she cut the cable. With a smile, she immediately haggles up to 20.
  • Lt. Hart announces that basic training will not involve physical training, as one week is not enough time to whip conscripts into shape. Cowan, a heavyset guy, complains to one of the other soldiers that he was looking forward to that.
  • During Charlie's Establishing Character Moment, he points out that one of the recruits is wearing a chef's hat. When it does cut to said recruit, not only is he wearing the chef's hat, but is wearing a full-on white chef uniform. One wonders if he came straight from his job and didn't even bother to change.
  • Dan shows a nervous Charlie how to load his weapon properly while the countdown for the Jump Link runs down.
    Charlie: How do you know how to do all of this stuff, man? How are you so calm?
    Charlie: What, are you, like, ex-military?
    Dan: (sheepishly) Yeah. Yeah. Kind of a short story, I guess.
  • The first time any of Dan's team make contact with a Whitespike (in a stairwell)Charlie does a Cluster S-Bomb. He, while shooting wildly at it, keeps a constant repeat of "shit, shit, shit!"
  • Dan realizes that Martin's knowledge of ancient volcanos might help them work our where the whitespikes are in 2023. We cut to a Reaction Shot of Martin, who is slightly weirded out that Dan is singling him out.
    Martin: Am I in trouble?
    Dan: Martin, the lives of every man, woman, and child on this planet could be saved if we could just get the answer to one question, and it's all about volcanos.
    Martin: I knew this would happen.
    Charlie: Oh, I would have killed for a moment like this in high school.
  • Martin asks for a laptop to help find the Whitespikes.
    Dan: Is there any way to pinpoint exactly where in Russia that ash would have landed?
    Martin: (snaps fingers) Laptop!
    Charlie: (gleefully) I love this kid!
    • After he gets the laptop, he winks at the girl who gave it to her when he says thanks.
  • Dan yells "Die!" as he plunges a vial of the whitespike-killing toxin and finishes off the last female whitespike. He collapses in the snow next to his father.
    Dan: Yeah.
    James: Well, it worked. Why didn't you tell it sooner?
  • When Dan returns to his home after saving the world, he rolls the garbage bin back over to his house, even before greeting his family.