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Funny / The Secret World of Alex Mack

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  • The power to turn into a Blob Monster, of course!
  • "Annie Bails": Alex and Ray decide to play hide-and-go-seek because of Alex's powers. She then morphs and hides in the washing machine. Dad then comes in to move the clothes into the dryer. Cue Ray rushing back in to see if Alex is okay, and helping her get out of the dryer.
    • "I almost got caught in the lint trap. Do you know what that's like?!"
  • Pilot episode, Alex using her telekinesis to disable the parking brake on Vince's car.
  • "The Suspect": Alex ends up babysitting Kelly's little sister, the kid from hell. Her night consists of running ragged keeping the kid under wraps. Until she can finally put her to bed, culminating in this exchange:
    • Alex: Now go to bed or the evil dragon will come and burn you up. Judy: *raspberry* Alex: I wish.
  • Any time that Annie attempts to drive a vehicle, including riding a bike.


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