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Funny / The Marriage of Figaro

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  • The Count's reaction when the Paper Thin Disguises come off: "Oh God, now I'm confused."
  • Figaro, when told he is to marry Marcellina.
    Figaro: You can't do it without my parents' consent!
    The Count: Who and where are your parents, hmm?
    Figaro: Give me ten years, and I'm sure I can find them!
  • If done correctly, the moment when the Count tries to pull his 'wife' out of her hiding place and first produces the rest of the cast who weren't on stage at the time.
  • The Countess's attempts to convince the Count not to worry about Cherubino's being in her dressing room, which actually make things worse.
    • Again, if done correctly, Susanna coming out of the dressing room and bewildering the Count and Countess can be side-splitting.
  • Aside from the usual Armor-Piercing Slap, Lisette Oropesa's Susanna straddles, elbows, and judo throws Figaro. Confirmed by the actress herself.
  • Cherubino being informed he's going to join the army in "Non piu andrai". Figaro keeps piling on the Rated M for Manly arguments (Marching! Glory! Explosions! Big mustaches! Fancy hats!) while Cherubino looks ever more horrified.
  • Curzio's Captain Obvious reaction to an unexpected revelation at a wedding he's supposed to officiate:
    "She's his mother? The wedding cannot continue."
  • The entirety of the Closet Shuffle scene: Cherubino is hiding from the Count, who is hiding from Basilio, who is trying to make sure Susanna does not have a man in her room...

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