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  • SCHMENDRICK THE MAGICIAN!!... the incompetent but sweet-natured magician.
    • "My dear, you deserve the services of a great wizard, but I'm afraid you'll have to be glad of the aid of a second-rate pickpocket."
    • "And be wary of wousing a wizard's wath! Rousing a rizard's... Be wary of making a magician angry!"
    • "He had me juggling teacups all night long. Teacups! With tea in them!"
  • The....... boob tree.
    Schmendrick: Oh God. I'm engaged to a Douglas fir!
  • Schmendrick's conversation with the Skull:
    Skull: Say please!
    Schmendrick: (sighs) Please.
    Skull: ...No.
    • And earlier.
    Schmendrick: Shut up you pretentious kneecap! How would you like a punch in the eye?
  • "Have a taco."
  • When Schmendrick first encounters Captain Cully and his band:
    Schmendrick: You're Captain Cully, boldest of the bold and freest of the free.
    Cully: That I am.
    Molly: He's guessing, Cully. Gut him, before he does you the way the last one did.
    Cully: Ah, that's only Molly Grue's way. She has a good heart. A good heart.
    Molly: Off with ya!
    Schmendrick: And this lady, don't tell me, she must be your faithful and beautiful companion.
    Molly: Maybe he does know.
  • On a related note, in the book after the unicorn frees Schmendrick from the tree and they go off together, Molly (who had run off chasing after "Robin Hood" and his Merry Men) catches up with them. Her comment, when she appears out of nowhere from behind a tree?" "Surprise; it's Maid Marian."
  • And in a final Molly moment, when she is begging Schmendrick to do something to save the unicorn from the Red Bull, she admits the truth (no matter how badly she'd wanted to believe it before): "You called up Robin Hood, and there is no Robin Hood!" It's the incredulous delivery that makes it.
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  • Mabruk prepares to attack Haggard, and stops because he recognizes the unicorn, cackling hysterically that Haggard "has let his doom in the front door!" The funny part? Lir sighing and promising to write the old wizard a good reference for future job hunting.
  • From the DVD Commentary, one of the commenters tells the story about a Canadian Last Unicorn fanfic he heard about where Haggard winds up in the Game of Thrones universe after his castle collapses, ends up sitting on the Iron Throne and defeating all of his opponents, but he still isn't happy.

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