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  • The Of Corset Hurts scene, with Hideko helping herself with a foot to lace it tighter on Sook-Hee.
    Sook-Hee: Miss, you're killing me!
  • The foreplay scene in part one is absolutely hilarious even with the audience not knowing Hideko's backstory yet. Moments such as Hideko telling Sook-hee that she's worried about her "cold hands and feet" then asking her to find out for herself by touching Sook-hee's breast was absolutely hilarious.
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  • The whole set-up around hanging, especially after Sook-Hee ends up so enraged she forgets for a while she needs to stand still or Hideko will hang herself for real.
  • Hideko asks Fujiwara during the watercolor painting lesson if her work, which is messy and watery, needs more dimensionality. He says that it could be, but her exceptional talent makes up for the lack of it. At this point, Sook-hee takes a peek at Hideko's painting and it's clear that there are probably children a quarter of her age that could draw better even without painting lessons. Sook-hee is unimpressed at his attempts at praise, mock-gagging at them.
    Fujiwara: You have a vision that transcends mere skill. It's as if you see directly into an object's essence. For example, the fact that this peach contains a lot of water.
  • Fujiwara signals to Sook-hee that he wants alone time with Hideko by taking a bite of the peach just as its juices pour out of the fruit and his mouth. Sook-hee clearly feels a mix of awkward, disgusted, worried, and uneasy even as she's trying to maintain a neutral expression.
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  • Sook-Hee assuming Hideko must be just naturally gifted in bed.
  • Hideko's drawing of Sook-hee.
  • Hideko's attempt to seduce Fujiwara is absolutely hilarious when she looked down at her chest and saw Fujiwara kissing it while she grimaced. She can barely contain her disdain at having to take a sip of the wine and putting it in his mouth just to get it over with.
  • Fujiwara smoking all three cigarettes at once while sitting in a small car, with two Mooks and barely enough space to sit at all. They quickly end up rolling down the windows to not choke.
  • Fujiwara proposes to Hideko by making a love confession then downplaying it by saying that he likes her... slightly. Hideko isn't easily fooled and he gets his comeuppance as she writes in her letter that out of all the girls in the world, she's miraculously fortunate to have Sook-hee and for that she's slightly grateful.
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  • The entire film comes with a truly spectacular Rewatch Bonus, making numerous scenes from Part One, often already hilarious by themself, twice as funny when knowing Hideko was playing a big game of pretend toward both Sook-Hee and Fujiwara.
  • Fujiwara asking for his pants, suddenly being ashamed of his naked manhood in front of two other men, who may have spent a few hours just waiting and watching him spread half-naked on the floor.
  • Kouzuki belittling Fujiwara for his cigarette addiction, while being in the middle of preparing an opium pipe for himself.
  • During Hideko's reading "The Sound of Bells on a Windless Night", one of the potential buyers fiddles with his mustache like a Dastardly Whiplash.

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