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  • Look for the videos on YouTube. The ones worth mentioning include the time Lauren Burns described how her gold medal and her vibrators were stolen, everyone asking why Molly Meldrum wasn't wearing his trademark hat on the show, or anything by Pinky Beecroft.
    • Olympic gold-medallist Lauren Burns had her gold medal (and a lot of other stuff) stolen from her home. When describing the incident, she mentions that her vibrators were stolen too. Wil had absolutely no idea how to respond (except "I honestly would do this show for free"), while Corinne is completely unfazed and asks if they were her "good ones", and Adam Spencer reminisces about Lauren winning the medal with a vibrator in her hand singing "Advaaaaaaaaance Austraaaaaaaalia FaaaAAaaair!"* The "Ray Martin Fights A Pig" discussion. Or indeed anything said by Ross Noble.
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  • Andrew Denton talks fingering.
  • Anything with Jason Byrne.
  • Georgie Parker and Wil Anderson discuss how his cat sleeps on his groin.
  • On the first episode, Wil, as part of the Great Unwashed segment, got an audience member to ask him a question... and promptly asked her out.
    • The sheer number of jokes about the (then) recently-deceased Christopher Skase are amazing. One imagines that everyone involved looked Never Speak Ill of the Dead in the face and told it to go fuck itself.
  • Libby Gorr casually mentioning that she saw some "very good Danish porn" that resembled a story the panel were discussing, and only realised what she'd said once she was done saying it.
  • Pinky Beecroft, while monologuing: "If it turns you on... cool. I mean, there's people who join the Liberal Party!"
  • Corinne on the War in East Timor: "We had underage children, we had pallets full of beer, we had weapons going off when they shouldn't have- we had unauthorised discharges, it's like Schoolies Week!"
    • Adam Hills neatly summing up the response every member of the Australian military would give to a report that said they were getting drunk while fighting in East Timor: "So?"
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  • Adam Spencer trying to tell a story:
    Adam: I was actually in Europe, a couple of years ago-
    Dave: You were not!
    Adam: *pauses* A friend of mine was in Europe a couple of years ago-
    Wil: Was not!
    Adam: *pauses* There's this place called Europe, right...
  • The game of table tennis that breaks out in the middle of a segment. (Warning: NSFW.)


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