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Funny / The Dark Knight Strikes Again

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  • Plastic Man, naturally... but especially his interactions with Elongated Man.
  • Green Arrow and The Question stopping their crime fighting to lock horns on politics:
    Green Arrow: (To the bad guys) This is it, you running-dog lackeys! The people are finding their voice, you multi-national conglomerate sons of bitches!
    The Question: You can't fight collectivism with collectivism, you Marxist TWIT!
    Green Arrow: Oh, YEAH? How's about we take this little discussion out back, Mr. Let's-Privatize-The-Fire-Department?
    • And near the end, when the two take over a TV talk show:
    Green Arrow: (Popping up out of nowhere) Man, you just don't get it! This ain't showbiz! This is revolution! We've got veins in our teeth! We're stoked! We're storming the halls of power! We're bringing down the house! We're bringing power to the people! YEAH!
    The Question: (Also popping up out of nowhere) Which people, Marxist? Poverty is no badge of virtue—and mob rule is the surest route to naked dictatorship!
    Green Arrow: What part of "Blow me" do you not understand, Mr. Atlas Shrugged-Is-The-Word-Of-God?
    The Question: I'm no Ayn Rand-er! She didn't go nearly far enough!
  • While completely out of character, Batman mocking Dick Grayson while the Batcave is about to self-destruct is worth a chuckle or two.

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