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Funny / Catwoman: When in Rome

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  • The Riddler wearing Selina's Catwoman Suit
    • "Don't tell me you never wondered how you would look in a skintight green leotard with question marks all over it and a nifty bowler hat."
  • "It's Edward, you bitch."
  • Selina, while fighting the Cheetah: "HEY LOOK AT ME I'M— DYIN"
  • Selina: C'mon Eddie, how stupid do you think I am?
    The Riddler: On any given day... PRETTY STUPID.
  • The Blond's reaction to where Selina hid the ring.
    Selina: I just made a man who kills for a living blush.
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  • The bit where the Blond speaks of his father working for the Beretta family has an accidental Inversion of Lost in Translation when he denies they make guns: before he added they make "the finest guns in all the world", he could have been referring to the other Berettas... The ones making salami, who aren't as well known outside of Italy.


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