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Awesome / The Dark Knight Strikes Again

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  • The Question's introduction narration—so much so, that it's his page quote!
  • Hawkboy avenging his family's death by killing Lex Luthor. After all the horror and suffering he caused, he finally gets his comeuppance. Also a moment of heartwarming, albeit a warped one, as Batman gave the kid the opportunity out of sympathy.
    • Immediately prior to this, Batman taking a beating from Luthor prior to Hal's brief return, and Luthor realising - in utter horror - that Batman sat there and took it on purpose. Batman then proceeds to tell Lex exactly how he's going to die.. While supping tea brought to him by Barry.
  • By the same token, Brainiac's utter destruction at the hands of Supergirl and the Kandorians.
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  • Superman saving the planet and helping to usher in a new tomorrow for it.
  • Captain Marvel is amongst the few to try to remain a golden age hero and die as one. Marvel's Dying Moment of Awesome is probably the high point of the book.
  • Say what you will about the rest of the book, but Batman slicing a "Z" into Luthor is both badass, and a great reference to the hero that inspired Batman, both in-universe, and out.
  • "I am no man - I am Superman."

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