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Tear Jerker / The Dark Knight Strikes Again

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  • Captain Marvel's death.
    Wonder Woman: Don't worry, Marvel. Superman will be here shortly, then you can change back into Batson and recover some-//
    Captain Marvel: I sure appreciate the thought, Ma'am, but I don't have time to buy. Went and caught myself one hit too many. I'm all but gone. Besides, I never turned into Billy. A lot of people got that wrong. What happened was, me and Billy, we switched places... and he was never in the best of health. He died eight years ago, so I'm going on a one-way trip.
    Wonder Woman: (softly) One-Way Trip... where do you go?
    Captain Marvel: ... Where's a wish go? Where's a dream go when you wake up and can't remember it? Nowhere. (weakly) Give everybody my best. It's been ni-nice... existing...
    Wonder Woman: Say the word, Warrior! Go out with a lion's roar!
    Captain Marvel: SHAZAM!!! (dissipates)


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