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  • Craig's idea for a film? A blacksploitation picture about a man forced to avenge his family in order to keep their roller rink from dying out, entitled Black Angus. There's also a failed production about a casino attacked by sharks, named Card Sharks.
    • One that didn't make it into the film was about Nazi spacemen, entitled Close Encounters of the Third Reich. Brad stopped working with that idea after the production of Iron Sky.
  • As Craig is contemplating which disguise to wear to the club, he picks up a familiar black suit. After a cut, we see bare feet walk into view, and Neil's eyes widen when he sees Craig dressed as...Gene Shalit.
    Neil: Fuck. You.
  • The scene where Vincent brings Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom to the film club. We never see the screen, but all that's heard is an Italian woman's voice and loud, wet farts. Afterward, Dan praises the film (using vocabulary from the Snob's review), and Vincent Dawn is forced to analyze the film using the "shit = mass-produced food aspect" of the film.
    • According to Brad, there weren't supposed to be so many fart noises, but it was improvised by Ryan in editing and Brad liked it so much it was kept in the film.
    • Brad later released the full, subtitled audio of the Italian speech.
      When I was thirteen, my grandfather took me to the ascot store. It was my ass on his cot. I was wondering why he fed me a diet of dried apricots and apple juice...but I soon found out. One bowel movement later, and that cot looked like two chocolate bunnies wrestling. Luckily, I already had a spoon up my ass for clean up. For the record, he was not really my grandfather. He was Santa Claus. [Farts] 'Scuzzi.
  • "Good God! You're drunk! And shockingly racist! No one is doing black face!"
  • Vladimir Jackson is slowly influenced by Neil into becoming the Blacksploitation character "Black Angus" in an attempt to solve the murders. His antics - including the forced interrogation and later seduction of a witness - have no reason to succeed...yet they do, just in time for him to deliver a particularly hammy one-liner before getting shot.
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  • In the climax of the film, "Black Angus" is shot in the shoulder by the murderer. Neil urges that he's going to be OK and the two share the next few lines as though Angus is about to die. Nancy notes that the shot only hit him in the shoulder, so he's obviously going to be OK, to which Neil replies, "We. Are having. A MOMENT!"
  • In the end, Craig faces off with the murderer and eventually shoots him several times with an AK-47. He looks at the dead villain with a sneer as though he's about to say a badass one-liner...before whimpering, "I just killed a man."
  • The Red Herring that is Scott Bakula.
  • This line:
    Neil: The story has sex, drugs, murder-
    Craig: Drugs? Who's doing drugs?
    Nancy: Oh, I do a little coke before the meetings.

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