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Characters / The Cinema Snob Movie

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    Craig Golightly/Vincent Dawn/The Cinema Snob 

Played by: Brad Jones

  • Embarrassing Last Name: When Craig tells Nancy his full, real name, she laughs and says that his real name is even less convincing than his fake name.
  • Only Sane Man: When the Film Club holds meetings to mourn the loss of their recently-murdered members, Craig is the only one that reacts accordingly when the details of their deaths are revealed...namely, shouting "Oh, my fucking God!" and "Jesus Christ!" Everyone else simply sits there and listens.
  • Purely Aesthetic Glasses: He wears glasses, but only as "Vincent Dawn."
  • Straw Critic: Averted, as he is only faking it.
  • What Have I Done: Craig after shooting the murderer: "...I just killed a man."

    Neil Hall 

Played by: Jake Norvell

  • Embarrassing Nickname: Neil's nickname in high school was apparently "The Peeping Tom." Subverted in that Neil doesn't seem to show aversion to it, though Craig does.

    Nancy Phillips 

Played by: Jillian Zurawski

    Dan Phillips 

Played by: Ryan Mitchelle

  • Straw Critic: Represents the Caustic Critic. He not only denies Craig and Neil funding for their film, but when he finds out that Vlad - one of his lead actors - agreed to be in their movie, he not only offered him a bigger role, but he also points out to them that he will deny them the proper permits to film in town out of spite.
  • Man of Wealth and Taste: He drinks wine, is deeply intrenched in Springfield's theater culture, cites various standard critic film (like Citizen Kane) and genre favorites (period pieces and melodramas) and insists that he likes things that are critically acclaimed even if he clearly doesn't have the stomach for it (like Salo). When there is something that doesn't fit his high standards - like Craig and his dreams of making Exploitation Films - not only does he make his displeasure known, he will sabotage it with his connections.
  • Wicked Pretentious: Dan tries to make himself look like a Man of Wealth and Taste when really he's a Know-Nothing Know-It-All that tries putting on an air of Wicked Cultured, him being the archetypical "artsy-fartsy douchebag" that the Snob character is a Satire of.

    Detective Ted Adams 

Played by: Zachary La Voy


Played by: Sarah Lewis

    Derek Silver 

Played by: Brian Irving

  • Peeping Tom: Derek Silver masturbates to a naked girl while watching her from the street, then calls up Candy and tells her he's been "bad" and asks to be "scolded."


Played by: Ed Glaser

  • The Quiet One: Chester, a lonely man who attends the film club only because he likes seeing porn of Jesus.

    Arch Keating 

Played by: David Gobble

    Scott Backula 

Played by: Brian Lewis

    Vladimir Jackson 

Played by: Orlando Belisle

  • Blaxploitation: Vlad was chosen to play the titualar character in Black Angus. Later, he ends up playing the part of Black Angus in an effort to lern more about the murders to the point of waterboarding an innocent woman to get information.
  • Token Minority: Vladimir is literally the only non-white person in the whole movie.

    John Doe 

Played by: Alex Shryock

  • Eye Scream: Dies by arrow to the eye.
  • No Name Given: He is killed via arrow before he could give his actual name.
  • Straw Critic: Represents those who are too generous in their criticism. Was once a mainstream film critic that gave 5 Stars to every movie he sees, thinking about how "generous" it was that they tried to entertain, only to get fired after approving of The Omega Code. Now, he is a member of the club.


Played by: Noah Antwiler


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