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    Brad and Jerrid 
  • Brad and Jerrid watch The Room.
    • All of the sections where Brad and Jerrid act out scenes from The Room and even more so, the bit where they slip into a reenactment of The Happening.
    • From the same video:
      Brad: I am not fucking your belly button.
      Jerrid: C'mon, dude, we've got to reenact this scene!
      Brad: I am not fucking your belly button!
      Jerrid: I got the tub of butter right here, it'll go in real easy!
    • And also, Jerrid saying "Hi, doggy" to a cat.
    • This exchange:
      Brad: Who created this movie anyway?
      Jerrid: I don't know *both stare at the camera* I can't remember his name.
  • This exchange from "Brad and Jerrid Play Warcraft":
    Brad: Do you even know what a fortnight is?
    Jerrid: Yeah, it's like a baker's dozen but with time.
  • Brad and Jerrid Hate Each Other. Full stop.

    Current Movie Reviews 
  • Brad reviews Guys Gone Wild: Spring Break Young and Hung:
    ...Wow. That's the biggest penis I've seen since... I don't know. What movie did I do on The Cinema Snob last week?
    • "You have naked guys. You have a teddy bear. Make them fuck the bear! At least that would be hilarious!" (gets a very thoughtful expression) "But probably not for the bear..."
    • "I get it, I've put on weight. Now even my gay porn is insulting me."
  • The first thing he says in his review of Clown Hunt is how much the movie made him feel dumb after seeing it. The review feels like how the Cinema Snob would act if he were an actual person instead of a character.
    • When he's thinking of things that are better to do than watch this movie, one example is a sad clown coming to visit you in The Sims, and you trying to cheer it up. He proceeds to speak Simlish while petting an imaginary clown.
  • During the review of The Raven, Lloyd appears to be chilling out on the back of the couch. Then, about halfway through the review, he walks in on the table and looks right into the camera—the cat on the couch was Chloe, Brad's other Siamese cat (and apparent stunt double). What's even funnier is Brad chose that exact moment for the still shot before you start the video.

    Movies in 5 Seconds 

  • Brad's road trip vlog. Fellow Channel Awesome member Angry Joe has caused Brad to have a craving for Chick-Fil-A. Unfortunately, there are no Chick-Fil-A's nearby, so Brad and his friends go on an epic quest to find one, facing obstacles at every turn.

    Snob Riffs 
  • From "Carving Magic"
    • Jake's running gag about his incompetent sitcom wife, Gloria.
    • Various mondegreens about the dialogue making it out to be a horror film (since it was directed by Herschel Gordon Lewis). "H-bomb?!"
    • "Freed slices of ham will be considered 3/5ths of a ham."
  • From "The Book of Jonah"
    • The callbacks to the Snob review of The Last Days of Sodom and Gomorrah, pilgrim.
    • "The Yiddish are coming! The Yiddish are coming!"
    • "So, God is the sun."
  • From "Let's Talk Turkey"
    • "Most people throw away their turkey's urine, but that's not the Armoire way."
    • "Five to ten pounds?! We're American, we aim to gain fifteen to twenty pounds this holiday season!"
    • "Enjoy these corn on the cob pops! All the deliciousness of an ear of corn guaranteed to give you bloating and brain freeze!"
    • The Running Gag of the mentally unstable housewife who can't stop cooking turkeys and her irritated husband who just wants to eat dinner.
  • From "A Visit to Santa"
    • Brad starts narrating a parade as the lady from "Fun in Balloon Land". It's a creepily accurate impression.
    • The reference to The Shaggs.

    Snobcast (formerly The Random Button) 


    Me and Mrs. Jones 
  • In the Airwolf NES game review, Brad doesn’t remember what Archangel sounds like, so he just makes up his own voice for him, which is very reminiscent of his “Will It Fit” voice. Hilarity Ensues.
    Brad!Archangel: [after Laura crashes her plane] Our pilot’s drunk, we have to save him! He just ran into this building!

    Brad!Archangel: [after Laura notices the similarity to the “Will It Fit” voice] I need you to save a bunch of prisoners so I can shove their used rations up my ass!
    Laura: Oh my god...

    Brad!Archangel: I hate to call you back after you fucked up the last mission...
    Laura: [laughing] I hate to call you back?
    Brad!Archangel We’re in desperate trouble! Our other pilot was even drunker than you are!

    Brad Ruins Rob's Day 

  • In early 2012, a Blip commercial for a TV show called "It's a Brad Brad World" started playing before videos. Brad Jones noted on Twitter that if he had a show called that, it wouldn't be on Bravo.
    • Similarly, Spoony saw a commercial for "Brad Brad World" before watching The Cinema Snob's review of Cannibal Ferox, calling it Brad-ception.
  • The Cinema Snob is Filth; where Max Force claims that the show is 'filth', an obvious parody of the recent controversy of Angus Jones lambasting Two and a Half Men. Particularly the end:
    Brad:'re going to be giving all your paychecks back then, right?
    Max: No.
    Brad: You're an idiot.
  • Three words: Stoned Gremlin Productions.
  • His cameo in the That Guy with the Glasses Indiegogo video.
    Doug Walker: "That's why we got funnyman and nostalgia expert Brad Jones to host the show."
    (cut to close, shaky film of Brad attacking the camera, with caption "Brad Jones")
    Brad: "Get that fuckin' camera outta my fa—"
    Doug: "He couldn't be happier about hosting this brand-new event, and neither could we."
  • After the disappointment of Insidious: Chapter 2, Brad posted a redone trailer to the movie in the style of The Exorcist 2.
  • Brad Refuses to Review an Upcoming Remake, where Brad declares his intent to not review... well...
  • While binge-watching Iron Fist, Brad believes Ward Meachum either has a torture dungeon, nails hookers to drywall, or both. To no one's surprise, he's Brad's favorite character.
    • This continues into The Defenders, where Brad repeatedly drags Danny at every opportunity.
      This is the story of three superheroes, and their mailroom clerk Danny Rand.
      Danny threatens them with all the conviction of a man lecturing a restaurant manager for getting his sushi order wrong.
      Guys, you don't have to fight Iron Fist. Just distract him with a Black Keys CD.